Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #14

HELLO, Friday! I am so happy you're here. Welcome back! Friday means all kinds of good things around here, the first of which is Favorite {Photo} Friday!

I love seeing what my inspiration will be for each Friday's photo! Inspiration could come from a feeling, or a holiday, sometimes it's the weather, and once it's been my doctor's homeland! It's been a now-too-small shirt, a vacation, laughter, and even absurdity. And it's been just photos that I love!

Today it is color and shimmer. Because after I tackle a couple of really boring necessary chores around here I'm using my new colorful and shimmery beads to make some colorful and shimmery and hopefully beautiful jewelry. And that is for sure enough incentive for me to vacuum and mop and all the rest!

This photo is obviously of a peacock. Not so obvious is that this is a Polish peacock! In June 2007 Jason and I and cousin Aaron visited new friend Agnieszka (which sort of sounds like Ag-nee-aysh-ka) and her friends Kamila, Kris (who is really Krzysztof but we couldn't begin to pronounce it correctly), Joanna and Wociech (which we also couldn't get right but we all settled on something that sounds mostly like Vo-Tech, ha ha). We flew into Krakow and lucky us it happened to be the city's 750th birthday celebration; yes, 750 years! It was awesome! Then we all traveled by train up to Warsaw where they all live and they showed us around their town, including a beautiful park with peacocks hiding up in trees and strutting about on the ground and I just couldn't stop taking photos. :) We were so spoiled to be shown around by Polish friends, and I hope that someday we get back to visit them (and that they come visit us here!). I can't say enough about Poland... it's beautiful and wonderful and the food is excellent and the people are kind and welcoming. Oh, I love Poland!

You can see my entire Poland trip slideshow with descriptions here. A little note about that is that a lot of the photos are not excellent, but they still show things I love remembering. I had completely forgotten about the squirrels and now I'm so glad that I made the slideshow right when we got back! Note to self, Dude; you will not remember all the things you think you will remember so write all the cool stuff down (like how to call squirrels in Poland).

I might be back later to post some beauty and/or some hilarity--we'll see how the day goes. Have a super weekend! :)

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