Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sincere thanks to everyone who posted kind comments and sent kind e-mails; it means so much to me. I found out more information about how Caryn is doing and, as I edited the last post to add, she does get to stay in Germany. She's a teacher at the school on base and they were able to secure "command sponsorship" for her. I can't tell you what a relief it was to hear that. I know that she couldn't be better cared for than she will be in that community; military families pull together and rally 'round unlike any other group I've ever known. [You might notice a change... yes, I also found out that I've been spelling her name incorrectly all this time. Sigh. Sorry, Caryn!] My thoughts, of course, are still with her (and everyone I mentioned before). And thanks to Jeff for all the updates.

Today, it was time for some much-needed beauty. I was feeling it; I needed it. And I'm happy to announce that I currently have seven finished necklaces and a bunch of matching earrings waiting to be photographed! Yay! I would be happier if I'd caught the light today but I'll set up the contraption tomorrow and will get some shots. Until then, here are a couple photos that I don't hate managed to salvage from my fading-light indoor shots. ;)

Little tiny grey peacock pearls within mother of pearl rectangles, and big freshwater pearls in between. The little pearls have a lot more color than this; their irridescence ranges from pink to green to blue to purple, although this shot doesn't show it well. I also made another pair of earrings for this set out of the big round white pearls... so simple and pretty! And nice to have an option if you don't feel so matchy-matchy.

This set is so pretty that I just might have to keep it for myself--or make another one just like it, if I can find a few more of those little turquoise beads! ;) The small beads are Chinese blue and green turquoise and the big beads are amazonite; they're all faceted and catch the light well. I used a really nice sterling silver toggle clasp, which finishes it so well. I also used big loopy earwires for the earrings. I love these colors and I only wish turquoise weren't so freaking expensive!

I can't wait to get good photos of the other things I made so I can show you (and get them up on etsy)! More pearls, ruby quartz, crystals, coral, aventurine, and oxidized silver (among other things) all made an appearance today.

Lots more beauty is abounding around here, including my Technicolor Postcards Hitchcock Blond kit which arrived--wahoo! I can't wait to play with it and tell you all about why I love it so dearly, but Jason is pacing--quite literally, directly behind me--and jumping up and down and screaming at the television. Ah, football season.... So I'll see you tomorrow for Favorite {Photo} Friday and more and more beauty! :)


kellie said...

BEAUTIFUL stuff! I have one official day of vacation to make beautiful stuff of my own... this darn bathroom project is taking up too much of my time!

Chiara said...

ooh I want to buy some of the yumminess for a Christmas Present. Just so you know I will be stalking etsy for you.