Monday, September 8, 2008

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Well let's just get it over with, shall we? THE GAME SUCKED ASS. The Beavs just plain didn't show up. To be honest, I didn't expect them to win; in the past three seasons Penn State has lost at home only twice. But I hoped what I always hope when I watch a football game--to see a good game. And that definitely didn't happen. Buh-mer. It was ugly.

I am nursing a bit of a disillusioned spirit today. It's not that the Beavs lost, really. I realize that anything I say will be can be misinterpreted as the result of a wounded ego from getting trounced (ha! like I have an ego about football!), and I'm still working it all out in my mind so I don't know what to say yet anyway. So for now I'll just say that I am really disappointed in people who don't seem to understand the concept of good sportsmanship. When your team is up by four touchdowns the score speaks for itself; there is no reason to be mean and ugly. I'm bummed out about that. Really, really bummed.

It was good to see so many OSU fans show up for the game, though!

I realize this section may not look like a lot of people, but considering that the stadium holds 107,282 people, this wedge of orange and a few others of us scattered about added up to about 5,000 fans. Pretty good for an underdog from the opposite side of the country!

The B&B where we stayed was also a nice surprise. The House on Top of the Hill is just that! There's a beautiful view of rolling hills and farmland from almost every window of the house. Plus, they just adopted a lovely purr machine kitten who spent her first night in the main house curled up on our bed on Friday night and that just made our stay. :) The proprietress Sharon made us feel almost like family and all of the other guests were great, too. I really enjoyed talking with them over breakfast each morning.

On the way home we decided to drive only back roads and not take any freeways. We stopped at Cowens Gap State Park and had a picnic with the leftover food we'd brought to tailgate, and then took a nice walk around the lake. It was beautiful!

Jason was super patient as I stopped every few minutes to photograph a flower or mushroom or lichen or tree bark or the dappled shadows falling through the trees or... :) It was a good way to end the weekend.


Today I went to the physical therapist and spent an hour in pain doing exercises and a half hour getting massaged and laying on heat. I will subject myself to this twice a week as well as doing all the exercises by myself at home every day! Yikes! Hopefully this will all help, though.

I'm also loving a necklace I bought at Sugarloaf on Friday!

Isn't this just the cutest, most "Cameron" thing? I adore it! Artist Lori Flanders runs Isabel's Rose and makes the coolest jewelry. Of course I'm more into this cutesy bird on a tree, but she also makes funky skull-and-crossbones pendants, as well as her own invention of the heart-and-crossbones! I thought of Katie when I saw this, and what would be a better gift for Stella than a funky cupcake? The "bondage series" hearts or her "undead undead" hearts would also be great for Halloween next month, or as a gift for someone with a broken heart. :) Go check Lori out at her page or her etsy shop or her blog! Tell her I sent you because I also want to buy the acorn pendant and am hoping she'll give me a discount next month at Art on the Avenue if I send her business I love to help support artists! :)


Katie said...

SNORT! how well you know me! Okay, now that I'm recovered from that LOVELY necklace that you thought of me (seriously, you do know me so well....I'm coveting that now. I like the black sparkley one easily distracted. I was recovering, wasn't I?!?!)

Okay, seriously, recover... recover. compose. okay.

It is very irritating, frustrating, etc that people are poor sports. I, like you, must be the most naive person ever, because if you are up down or whatever, SUPPORT BOTH FRICKING TEAMS. There would be no game without them. If the game is close, yell louder for your own team. Cheer your head off. But, up, down, or whatever, there is no need for any negativity or rubbing in, or whatever else foolishness goes on in the stands. Probably why I hate sports so much -- it's just like living high school all over again. The average maturity level (and IQ) PLUMMETS and wrecks things for everyone.

Here's the shocker, everyone. It is, actually, okay to clap politely when the other team scores. EVEN if you want your team to win. It's just politeness. Imagine it's your child out there playing. Oh wait, I coach soccer for five year olds and the parents are just as bad at those games... SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS.

I'm so happy the BB was great and that you got to stop on the way home and take some AMAZING pictures. I may have to buy THAT print from your etsy shop (hint hint for ideas of things to sell.) I think you have a lovely hammock print you could peddle as well.

Kisses to you and dreams of harmonious blue and orange fans in stands. and get your darn ego in check. xo

Katie said...

heeee. I left the longest comment EVER.

Chiara said...

Oh I hate poor sports hence why I am giving away or rather selling 2 games of my season Hockey tickets I can't stand poor fans. Love that necklace.

Paulette said...

don't even get me started on FANS... with three boys & smelly gear everywhere...enough said! Don't you love it when a B&B turns out to be a great little alternative to hotels! And the jewelery...hummm which one would be for me? Probably the carnival cupcake!!! Happy day Cameron & good luck with the physio!!!

Katie Scott said...

wow you've got some photography skills! awesome!