Friday, July 4, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #4

Well. Fireworks. 'Nuff said, yes? I like this photo because it is Fourth of July on a Friday and that means I get to choose a firework photo for the day, yay! Just kidding. Mainly I love this photo because the whole time I was taking photos on base in Italy in 2006, senza a tripod (senza means without in Italian, which is similar to sans in French for all you word dorks like me out there) my dear husband kept saying, "Those are never going to turn out. I don't know why you are even bothering." About 30 seconds later my batteries gave out so I didn't have many to choose from, but I still dig this shot because my dear, dear husband has eaten his words. :) Looking back two years later I'm not as enamoured with this photo as I once was... but it's still my favorite fireworks shot to date, and I'm still a heck of a patriot and I can't imagine posting any other favorite photo today than this one. :)


Today: I get to see Katie! Jason and I are braving D.C. craziness and heading downtown to see her fam. She is finding it hilarious (and also useful, I think) that I know when and where everything is occuring and where the best locations for viewing are and that I already have my bag packed and loaded with sunscreen, my camera and extra batteries, two maps, a schedule.... we have said more than once that "opposites attract" (did I mention that she forgot her cell phone charger on this trip?). Also have a couple of goodies packed that I am so excited to share with her and Oliver... I love giving gifts to people I love!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Have a safe and happy day, and enjoy your Independence!


Paulette said...

Oh Cameron, I am so jealous!!!!!! I wish I could hook up with you both because I KNOW wherever you are the bulletproof positive energy is so contagious!!! Have a fantastic 4th of JULY!!!! and when you are back, check out the little projects on my blog...I think you'll find them a lot of fun! Oh yeah...I hope I'm not that crazy lady from Inspired!!!!! Cheers from NS Canada...

Cynthia said...

Love the photo!!! I have tried so many times to take pictures of fireworks and can't do it to save my life:) Have a awesome time in D.C.

Jaime said...

I love the photo! I hope you guy's had a safe and fun day!!

Katie said...

HA! I laughed out loud that Paulette thought SHE was the crazy lady. Oh, my sides hurt!

Think you should be able to post a BETTER fireworks photo after the display we saw. I have a gazillion photos I need to post...and send to you. Please promise to send all yours. It was so good seeing you and I want a fully documented day. How did an ENTIRE DAY fly by so fast?

I love all my gifts and hope we get settled back in QUICK so I can play with them! You're the best! xo