Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things (As Usual)

Ciao ciao!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

Jason and I hung out with Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob on Saturday, which was awesome because I haven't seen them for far too long. They spoiled us rotten (as usual) and we ate like kings (and brought home leftover peach cobbler, to boot!). Yummmm. We had show-and-tell as I showed them some things I've done and Susan showed me her latest quilting projects, which are fabulous (as usual).

My back was bothering me a lot more than usual so I really took it easy and didn't even attempt to tackle any of the many home projects I'd considered. Jason was super-productive (as usual) and took care of a ton of stuff outside the house and with the cars. He noticed this beauty outside and let me know so I got to snap a few shots in the backyard in my pajamas, as usual.

One of the many things Jason did on Sunday was to fix some part of a car that I'd never even heard of the valve tappets on my 1967 Fiat 500. This car is my baby, and someday I will write all about her. We brought her over from Italy and she is just the cutest thing you ever did see. He also got a shiny new grill-piece for her (if you can call it a grill when it's this small?).

She is very happy with the face-lift and we three went on a little drive out in the country on Monday evening. It was great to be out and about in my beautiful little car, although I imagine some of the drivers in gargantuan vehicles who came upon us were slightly startled at the slow-moving, metallic-green, speed-bump-sized car in front of them. :) Luckily nobody ran us over. :)

When we got home the lovely Katie called and we had a marathon phone session. I haven't talked on the phone that long in a looooooooong time! I went through all three of our cordless phones as I successively used up the battery in each one. Oh, how I adore my Katie! I can't possibly explain what our conversation last night did for me so I will just leave it at this--thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear Katie (as usual)!

Today I bounced around to different appointments and scheduled a bunch more... which is kind of a bummer but kind of exciting to think that I might feel absolutely super sometime soon--on the outside as much as the inside! Tonight I am surfing Etsy for some research and trying to decide what to make and sell first (and not buying anything, can you believe it?). If you love anything I've made and think I should make it/them to sell online, I'd love for you to tell me. :) Top contenders so far: hand-bound star books (blank, to be decorated as you wish) either with or without supplies for decorating (I haven't decided); bamboo-tile pendants; other jewelry; photo cards; mini-books.

Tomorrow I have more appointments, one of which is an hour massage. Sweet! I won the massage at an Avon Walk event for over-achievers (seriously). I got the most questions correct about old movies; it was pure luck that they were all questions for which I happened to know the answers. Making the most of the fact that it is about an hour's drive away and running a ton of other errands on the way up and back if all goes well.

See you soon (as usual)! :)

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Katie said...

I LOVED our marathon phone session and cannot believe it was as long as it was. That pretty much was my phone quota for the year since I'm not a phone person....but I will be ANYTIME for you! xo

Love your butterfly photo. Love your fiat photo -- can't wait to see your little green speedbump in all her glory. Since time flew by so quickly from April until September, I'm sort of half hoping that time FLIES by until I see you in May. Or maybe I'll see you before then...I HOPE!

Sweet girl, I have an email half started to you -- just need a minute to finish. Hope the back is better and some appointments are helping and your massage was TOTALLY DECADENT! HUGE HUGS TO YOU!