Wednesday, September 10, 2008

C'mon, Fall!

Oh how I love Autumn! Oh how I love Fall! Whatever you call it, bring it on!

Here in Northern Virginia Summer is fading but Fall hasn't quite stepped in yet, either. I've always loved Fall and everything it brings and I'm especially looking forward to these changes here in NoVa; changing leaves, not sweating through my bra, Fall colors, not having sweat drip down unmentionable places, the crispness in the air, fall festivals, not feeling like taking four showers a day, corduroy pants, scarves, not having all my clothes stretch out as I wear them because of the damn humidity, my cute wool jackets, being able to use a hairdryer without undoing the shower I just took, and sweaters!

I've had some Old Navy gift certificates hanging out in my wallet and their Summer clothes just didn't do it for me. Bring on the Fall sweaters, baby!

Today I'm headed to Alexandria for a date with my aunt Susan, yippee!!! We're going up to Georgetown for some window shopping and lunch and some much-needed girl time. And I'm going to Pearl Arts to pick up some of those Neocolor IIs I need for my Donna Downey class in ten days! Woop-woop!

Happy humpday, y'all! :)


kellie said...

funny, i was just becoming resigned that it was going to be fall without us having a real summer... then it turned to summer weather again here! which is good because our summers here are not like your summers there. YAY!! :)

Chiara said...

that is a great sweater.

Katie said...

That sweater screams of Katie. And Cameron. Let's be twins one day. xo