Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years

It's a phenomenon of crises that often the people who are most closely involved remain silent and in shock while those on the periphery talk on and on about how they were affected. I was most definitely (very, very, very far out) on the periphery, and to honor those who were truly affected I will not talk about my experience that day. What I will say is that seven years ago today I held my breath for longer than I thought possible. And today, seven years later, remembering that day I still find myself holding my breath.

So today I'm sending thoughts to all of those who were and--let's face it--still are affected. Those who were on the planes and in the towers and in the Pentagon; their families, their friends. Those who saw things that day that no one should ever have to see. Those who responded and rushed towards danger. Those civilians who helped, and those who were paralyzed with fear. Those who have been sent to fight a war in retaliation. Their families, their friends. To everyone who has been affected by that day: today we are all thinking of you all and for you all, and we are still remembering.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Cameron. Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. And thank you for remembering.