Thursday, September 18, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #15

It's Friday!

Obviously TIME has been a theme for me this week. So I went searching for a photo that I took of a clock in Paris, but then I stumbled upon this one and went, "Oh, holy crap!" It's like she's battling time, too!

So I opened it up in Photoshop and started trying to take that ugly crane off the top of the building until I said, "Oh, holy crap." Battling time is a constant process and I'm working on it. So I clicked revert and the crane stayed in.

Jason took this photo in Verona in April 2005. Aaron was visiting us and we were traveling all over; we stopped in Verona for a couple of hours on the way back home from a big road trip (the previous stop of which had been a night in Milan to see Jude perform).

Verona, of course, was beautiful. But the main thing I remember besides the nasty car park dude is that we were walking back to our car and I looked up and saw a bald woman. And since I don't like to stare (especially at people who have to endure staring more than most), I smiled politely and looked away. And then I thought, "Wait just a second--I think I know the face attached to that bald head!" So I looked back, and she was looking at me, too... it was Paula, my sorority sister from college! What the heck? We're on the other side of the world, seven years after college graduation, and we happen to run into each other? We marveled at how we'd found each other and how easily we could have been in the same city and missed each other, but we didn't. (In college Paula had a small bald spot hidden on the side of her head. She has alopecia that "spread" since college, hence the baldness.)

We had to get back to the car and on the road, but we found out that Paula would be in Venice tomorrow and we would, too, so I gave her my cell phone number so we could meet up! But something happened--I don't remember whether she lost the number or couldn't figure out the Italian pay phones--so I didn't hear from her and we just headed down to Venice the next day. I was kind of bummed about not getting to talk to her more since we'd met in such a crazy way, but still glad that I'd seen her. And then we ran into her again. Seriously. In a huge city with miles and miles of tiny alleys and zillions of people, we just happened to be in the exact same place at the exact same time, again. So we wasted no time in sitting down and chatting over a spritz! So I can't think of Verona without thinking of amazing coincidences. :)

Lots to do today... I need to gather up class supplies and choose and print photos for my three classes tomorrow, I'm having lunch with my aunt Susan, I want to finish up a couple necklaces, hopefully take photos and get a few things up on etsy, and then we're going to a birthday party for my neighbor Maryalice. Maybe you'll hear from me again today. If not, have a super weekend!


Wendy H said...

Have a great time at your classes tomorrow. Hope you will post what is created...Just so you know (and since you mentioned it yesterday) I enjoy your blog very much! Have a super, inspired, creative weekend! Wendy (FOK...friend of Katie)

Paulette said...

This is so true...every thing seems to be a process...I loved how Kal talked about HARMONY, don't you? Sometimes it's just nice to be in the moment when we are all battling/balancing everything else! Have Fun Cameron!!!!!

Katie said...

Love the picture and the whole battle/fixing of time. You seriously need to put a book together with your favorite photo Friday and the pictures that go with them.

Have fun at your class today. I'm so sad I will not be there with you creating and playing. I miss you. xo

thewildhare said...

The time battle is always around us, and your picture captures it very well, crane and all! I loved the story of you meeting up with Paula, and belive that often just being open to life brings about some surprising synchronicity! Safe travels, can't wait to see your wonderful class creation!

kellie said...

cool pic :) btw, that makes me remember a question i have been meaning to ask you... how the heck do you find all your favorite photos for fridays? i need a better organization method!