Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #16


That is the sound of today just flying by. It is also the sound of the years flying by, because apparently this weekend is a big ol' milestone in my life, kinda sorta. Which is the inspiration for today's favorite photo (see if you can guess).

Oh my goodness. Yes, that long-legged girl in the middle? Um, yes, that was me. [And it still is, somewhere in here.] This weekend is Homecoming weekend and the 10 year reunion for... ahem... college. Ahh, good times. Goodness gracious, I can't get over those legs the length of those shorts. This might have been the very last time I wore anything that short! Oh wait, I lived in Vegas for the three years following college, so probably not. :)

Anyway. Yes. It came as a big shock when I received a large postcard in the mail with "1998" scrawled across it and "10 year reunion" somewhere, too. I think I actually did a double-take. HUH? Well, yes, I suppose that I did graduate in 1998. And I suppose that it is now 2008. I just hadn't really done the math until I got the postcard!

I went to the University of Puget Sound (yes, UPS), and I loved it. You know how people say high school is the best four years of your life? Well, high school sucked ass for me, and UPS was the glorious proof that--praise Jesus!!--life could be sweet. I blossomed.

I was one of those girls who swore up and down she would never join a sorority; I almost made a Gamma Delta Iota t-shirt, for real. But somewhere along the way I started to realize that a lot of the friends I made in classes, around campus, etc, were Kappas. And then one day they invited me over to the house and I went and realized, "Wait, all of you are Kappas? But... but... but... you're cool! And smart! And you're not all snotty and holier-than-thou and all those stereotypes I have!" So, long story short, I joined. My senior year I lived in the house as the house coordinator, which paid for my room, and I had the best freakin' time! It was definitely my favorite year of college and it made me wish I'd moved in sooner.

This picture was taken one of the nights that we went out to a dance club in Seattle. Oh, we were Dancing Queens, yes, we were. Pictured left to right are Summer, Nicole, me, Brittney, and Maria. I got this print from someone--remember when you used to have to get extra copies made from negatives and actually give them to people instead of just e-mailing them?--and it's been in a frame in my bedroom for the past ten years. Or maybe I should say that it's been in a frame in the seven bedrooms I've had in the past ten years, which somehow seems more impressive. :) I had to pop it out of the frame and scan it. Which I should also do for five hundred other photos I own.

Today, as I mentioned, flew. I did get photos taken of my jewelry but I haven't even looked at them. Hopefully I'll be able to share them soon, as well as a bunch of other beautiful things both here and in-the-works. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Lee said...

What a fun photo ... even better, the great memories. TFS.

kellie said...

Hey... was this the night we all went to DV8? Before I lived in? Wow, that brings back memories!!

Katie said...

You must've been beating boys off of you with a stick. WHOA MAMA! That song "I kissed a girl" comes to mind. heh. I'm kidding, don't get those lanky legs all in a twist!

love you. xo

cynthia said...

Ok you have not changed a bit:) And those killer Gams. Were you a showgirl in Vegas:)?

summerdavid said...

Damn we were hot. ARE hot. :)

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Isn't it fun to look at old pictures and then a thousand memories come rushing back!? So fun!

Paulette said...

Those legs are incredible!!!! Don't you just love those pics that are old but not really old?!? and all you can say is"what was I thinking?!?" (that's right, we weren't thinking!!!)keep on posting & I loved the jewelery on your previous post!!!Happy day Cameron!