Friday, August 29, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #12

Yes, I know that you just saw this one but I couldn't resist posting it again!

I simply adore this photo. I am in complete and total love with this photo. I've already had it printed 8x12" to make a scrapbook page and I'm going to get it blown up to be a focal piece of artwork in our guest room--I just need to decide if I want to just get it printed and frame it or if I want to get it printed onto a canvas. I'm thinking I'll get it on gallery-wrap canvas the next time Winkflash has a sale. I love it because of the colors, the intersecting lines, and the way it just makes me want to lay in a hammock. I love it because a few months ago I had no idea how to achieve this shallow depth of field and so it is visual proof that I am learning, growing, improving.

I also love this photo because when I posted it onto the gallery for my Photography 101 class over at BPS (along with the photo of Jason and the beer on the beach) the instructor Barbara said I had great artistic vision and the photos were creative and inspiring. Yippee!


Yesterday I thought I killed our computer and nearly had a heart attack. To make a long story as short as possible, a horrible web page locked up the computer and I had to do a hard reset (yikes!). When I turned the computer back on I got the black screen with a blinking cursor--double yikes! It turns out that I had one of those double-sided CD/DVDs in the disk drive because I was trying to rip the audio side, but the computer wouldn't recognize it (which it says on the case might happen). So when I turned the computer back on I guess it freaked out about the unreadable disk. So we took that out and everything was fine, praise Jesus! [And let me tell you, I was exceptionally tight with Jesus for the hour that I thought my computer was dead!] Needless to say, backing everything up again has moved higher on the ol' priority list! And big points to Jason for not freaking out when I told him and for figuring out what the problem was. :)

Now, a hotel-finding tip for you: when you absolutely, positively cannot find a hotel or B&B online for a football weekend in a town of 38,000 people with a football stadium which holds 100,000 people, the best way to find a hotel or B&B is to look up those which don't have online reservations and start calling. It turns out that most people are too lazy to do this, apparently, because I got a room at the first place I called. :) Whew! {Wiping forehead.} So glad to have that done!

Today I'm sending off a fun swap and getting a few more things into the mail. Scheduling a handful of various doctor appoinments. Drinking a ton of tea (if you have never tried Good Earth Original tea you must, really!). Choosing which home project Jason and I want to tackle this long weekend. On the lookout for the set of 40 of these, which I need for a Donna Downey class next month but are out of stock at DickBlick which of course has the best price by far, dangit. Still rockin' South Beach Phase 1; I {heart} Spicy Hot V-8. Working on some online classes. Enough to fill the day for sure. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

p.s. Thanks for all the nice comments and e-mails about my A Joyful Heart book! :)


amy said...

i got a set of those last month and they are AWESOME!!! you will love them. but yes i too got them at dick blick so it is worth the wait.

Chiara said...

I love v-8 spicy hot. I want to take a Donna Class LOL. I love online classes. and I love the photo.

Katie said...

Love your pictures! Can't wait to see more. Check out here:

for your out of stock crayons. And thank you for the best marathon phone session I've ever had! xo xo xo