Thursday, September 4, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #13

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's FRIDAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!

You know what that means! It's Favorite {Photo} Friday!

Since we are going to an Oregon State football game this weekend I searched through old photo boxes last night looking for a photo of the last time we went to an OSU football game, but I couldn't find them. I'm missing most of 1998-2001 (when we were in Las Vegas); I know they're here somewhere, so I'm not worried, but I just couldn't find them last night.

So since several things around here have been rather absurd lately, I thought I'd choose a photo of one of the most absurd things I've ever seen.

We were walking around the streets of Budapest in August 2007 when suddenly this tiny woman with this absolutely preposterous bag came around the corner. I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of shots... I generally find it rude to photograph people to make fun of them, but I figured that if someone walks around like this then they must be asking for attention! :P Most everyone around stopped in their tracks and stared in awe (and snickered) so I have to assume this is not a normal sight in Budapest. :) She tried to put the bag in the trunk of her car but it was too large so she ended up putting it in the back seat. I just wonder what she was carrying in there!


This week I ran around to a lot of different appointments and it feels good to know some things now and to have a bunch of things crossed off my To Do list, but I haven't had enough creative time. Buh-mer! I woke up at 3 a.m. yesterday with a necklace idea--a sure sign I need to make some art! So I'm writing down my ideas in a notebook that I'm taking with me this weekend and I'll art my heart out on Monday! :) It's kind of funny because I got to talk to some friends and family this week and they all said they love how much I've been creating--just when I felt like I haven't been making anything. So that was perfect timing and great to hear. :)

Today I'm running around trying to pack and buy a few things we need for our trip, which of course are not available at one store so I will be bopping around; cheapy ponchos from the Dollar Store, huge black and orange markers (to make our OSU sign) from Staples, beer (for tailgating) from the grocery store, etc. Isn't it annoying that it is just as much work to pack for a two-day getaway as it is for a week-long vacation? I always forget that until I try to pack at the last minute! :) My hummingbird feeder is almost empty and I have to keep those babies fed so the sugar syrup is cooling right now. And I'm trying to get everything done as absolutely quickly as possible because this weekend the Sugarloaf Craft Festival is in our very town and I want to spend as much time there today as I can before Jason gets home from work early and we take off for Pennsylvania.

Wish me luck, since I may just pass out upon entering Penn State's stadium tomorrow. A stadium that holds 100,000 people in a town of 38,000 people? Jeez Louise, talk about absurd! Considering how I felt at the Dave Matthews concert, I must really love my husband to agree to this! :)

Have a great weekend and I'll "see" you on Monday!


Jilliene Designs said...

I can't wait to see your new creations. Your work inspires me!

kellie said...

that pic is hilarious. i should send you the one of the guy in a leopard print speedo at the beach. i have side & rear views. ha, ha. i wouldn't have normally taken a photo, but i HAD to show alex

Heather said...

The pic is hilarious but her shoes are fabulous :D

I am totally jealous you got to go to a Dave Matthews concert...I want to have his children :D

I can't wait to see your new creations!

Ava's Mom said...

Go Beavs! I was watching the first half...not so good. :-( Hope you had fun! Love the photo too!

Aimee said...

woah, woah, woahhhhhhh....absurd can not go in the same sentence with Beaver Stadium.

Nothing is better than Penn State when it comes to football. God made the sky blue and white for a reason. Go STATE! We womped your BEAVS.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

What on EARTH could she be carrying in a bag that huge?
THanks for entering my giveaway! Best of luck to you!

Katie said...

I feel sorry for her. she probably bought something in a store and they gave her that bag and she's thinking "Now I have to walk down the street with this. what the %$^#%$!" and you go taking a picture of her! HA!

I would say "can't wait to hear about your weekend, hope it was fun" but I see that you're twittipated at some poor sports. phooey.

Have a super day tomorrow with your creating. Can't wait to see what you get underway! xo

Deb said...

Hope you had a safe trip and a good time this weekend despite the fact that our Nittany Lions kicked some serious Beaver butt (sorry, but we in PA take Penn State football seriously, which explains the large stadium in a small college town).

Thoroughly enjoy your blog and your fabulous creativity, even if you do root for the wrong team. ;-)

And remember, despite what it may have appeared during the football game on Saturday, you DO have friends in Pennsylvania.