Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More and More Beauty

I am busy busy busy. Mainly because I'm an idiot. If anyone knows of a calendar that does not have pages but is just one big long sheet, let me know. Because at the end of every month I always think that the next month is waaaaaay far away. Especially with the way I've been duking it out with time lately, I should have known better. A whole ton of stuff snuck up on me when on Saturday night just before bed I looked at the calendar and went, "Waaaaait a second. What? WHAT? WHAT?" And then I couldn't go to sleep because I was so stressed about all the things I just then realized that I had to do, like, right then. [Siiigh.] So I've pretty much been running around like a chicken with my head cut off ever since, interspersed with moments of clarity of perspective when I remember--Dude, calm down. Life is good. Really, really good. Look at all this beauty in your life. And I stop and see and am grateful. Until I see my To Do list and freak out again until the next time. :)

On Sunday I headed into D.C. for Crafty Bastards. I am still learning my way around so I kind of pop up out of Metro stations like a gopher and look around and try to figure out where I am or just ask a stranger who looks like they know where they're going. Much to my happy, happy surprise I popped out of Dupont Circle station directly into a glorious farmer's market!

Lo and behold, I found the elusive Honeycrisp apple! After all the talking that Kal and Paulette and Aimee have done about this apple, I was thrilled to find some, and bought a couple pounds even though I knew I'd have to carry them around with me all day!

And let me tell you, these lovelies live up to all the hype! They are aptly named for sure. Crunchy and sweet and a little tart and yum yum yum. I made Jason promise to savor every bite or I would hide the rest of them from him.

Walking around the market made me feel like I was right back in Italy (almost). Talking to the growers/farmers, fresh gorgeous produce displayed beautifully, delicious cheeses. Oh, I was so sad to have to pass most of it up! I might just go back one of these Sundays, just for the produce shopping.

I kept stopping to take photos and then I'd realize that someone wanted to buy the thing I was photographing, but were politely waiting for me to get my shot! How nice. :) After looking at these photos, I am more glad than ever that I took that photography class. Love these peppers!

Oh, I could have eaten three pints of these raspberries! Yummmmmmm.

I didn't take any photos at the art & craft fair because I was too busy shopping I understand most artists don't want people photographing and then stealing their designs. Also, it was crowded and muggy, blech. But it was great! It was really "indie" as you might guess from the name. :) There was a huge variety of really cool things. I bought a few things; a lot less than I'd thought I might, actually! But I'm really glad I went. Especially since Andrea joined me and we went out to lunch at a yummy French/Belgian café!

On the way back to the Metro I found some purple sunshine.

It's not the name of the flower or anything, that's just what I called it since a ray of sunshine came through the trees and directly onto these pretty flowers. :)

I've made a few more pieces of jewelry, too, but my photo shoot last week did not work out so well; bummer. But I accidentally learned how I think I can make it better next time. So I will try, try again on the jewelry photoshoot. In the meantime, the pile to be photographed is growing larger, and that's something, right? :)

A photoshoot that did work out well was of my favorite accessory. Wait, are shoes accessories? Well, they are for me. I adore this shot, almost as much as I adore these shoes.

And you will see this photo again, kind of. :)

But right now, at this very minute, I must go go go. I'm working feverishly on some design ideas for my gorgous Hitchcock Blonde kit from Technicolor Postcards. I'm feeling it. I'm loving it. Beautiful, Baby, beautiful!


Chiara said...

ooh I love those shoes. I really love those shoes. Sounds like an awesome time

summerdavid said...

Adorable shoes - who makes them? (And yes, shoes are an accessory!)

Also, I think you need this calendar:


Hello - year at a glance AND the stress relief of bubble wrap AND the ability to "pop off" each day as it passes? Perfection! Plus, it's huge! Woo!

kellie said...

Fun pics... and I always want to take photos at Farmer's Markets but I'm always too worried about getting in the way. I think I just need to pretend to be oblivious ;-)

And that calendar that Summer posted looks totally fun!!!

cynthia said...

Oh girl those are some beautiful pic's. you are rocking the camera:)