Friday, August 1, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #8

It's FRIDAY!! Woo-hoo! You know what that means! :) I'm so glad Stella started this, it's so fun!

This was taken in Romania at Bran Castle--more famously known as Dracula's Castle. You know how that goes; Vlad (aka Dracula) maybe stopped by there one night and hundreds of years later it's a tourist trap. :P But if you happen to find yourself in Transylvania you kinda have to go anyway, right? So we went. It was a cool old castle with great old furniture collected by a Queen and it has--oh, how I dreamed as a child!--secret passageways! Am I the only person who dreamt of finding a secret passageway to a secret room? Oh, those were great dreams! Much better than the lame and/or weird dreams I seem to have as an adult. [Sigh.]

Anyway, we had great fun in Romania. It's a great country and to travel there is akin to traveling back in time; people drive horse-drawn buggies (alongside cars) and work fields by hand. It was fascinating and a wonderful trip and we met kind people and I got a ton of great photos. But I chose this photo today because I just found that shirt in my closet and, well, let me just say that, ummm, it doesn't quite look like this on me now. I know it's the angle and all, but hello? Look at that waist. Mamma mia! I've been slacking off on the diet & exercise and this is just the motivation I needed. So there ya go! :) I'm officially back on the wagon.


Happy Birthday to Daniele!

Dani is in China, training for the Olympics! Here he is at the Great Wall and he calls this photo "The Great and The Wall," which is hilarious to me because it's pure Daniele. I miss him a ton and I hope he has a WONDERFUL birthday today!!! (I wrote more about him here.) Tanti baci, carrissimo mio! Buon compleanno!


Dear advertisers of Silk brand soy milk: In one of your television commercials the actress (who is pretending to be a real Silk drinker, but c'mon, we all know she's just an actress being paid to say the lines) says that she was "a little weary of trying soy milk." What I believe you mean her to say is that she was "a little leery of...." Weary is what I am after seeing this stupid commercial. Leery = wary, suspicious. Weary = tired, fatigued, exhausted. Please remove this commercial from the air. It's making me crazy and besides that, it makes you look stupid. Thank you.


Today I'm running some errands, heading to Costco, cleaning the house, and generally trying to bite off more than I can chew in one day. In other words, it's par for the course around here! I need to set up a photo shoot this weekend and so I need to find a willing victim subject. I need to clean off my dining room table and wash the guest room sheets because Erin is coming to visit on her way from New York to North Carolina, yay! I haven't seen her since I babysat her a zillion years ago. I need to pop a few things in the mail. I need to move the computer from its perch on the fireplace in the living room to its original location downstairs in the office, since my sweet husband did his magic on the router last night (thanks, Bebe!). And, of course, I need to program my brain to dream about secret passageways tonight. Okay, let's do it!


Paulette said...

great photo Cameron! are you going to Inspired???? (I am NOT the crazy lady) can see what I've been up to & it's not a lot of art lately!!! keep happy!

amy said...

um how hot is daniele?????? i think i will choose him as my favoite photo friday. no look hot too but come on now!!!

Daniele said...

Thank you soo much!!! i had to move the bithday party for the after race as i can't have a "wild" day know, i must try to be a bit more athlete as usual in these days.. :)
and..thanks amy tooo!!! ;)

cynthia said...

girl you have such a fabulous smile. love this photo.and all the cool places you have seen:)

Anonymous said...

I just saw the same milk commercial and had to run to my computer to search the web and confirm what seemed impossible that I heard an actress say she was "weary" of drinking milk! Thanks for your funny post as it confirmed that I wasn't just hearing things!


Sarah said...

Sorry for the deletion! Here's what I meant to say:

Ha, I'm here for the same reason as Donna. I had to see if anyone else had noticed this. It's like she said "leery" and "wary" mashed together. I can't believe the company didn't catch this!