Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beads Beads Beads

Busy, busy! Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and then drove an hour up into Maryland to get a massage. It was a great massage and lucky lucky me there was a bead store just down the street. Which was having a trunk show and sale. When the lady told me that the huge table of gemstones was 50% off I said, "Pardon? How much?" She said it was the first day of their sale and they hadn't put up the signs yet but yes, 50% as in five-zero. Holy mamma!

Oh, look at those keishi and stick pearls! Check out all those facets on the turquoise, carnelian, amythyst, and aventurine! Can you see the lampwork beads? Oh, they are gorgeous in person and I have a plan for them already! I can't wait to play! Unfortunately today is full of appointments, too, so it will have to wait. Off I go to the dentist!


Chiara said...

wow gorgeous and I am sure you will do something fantabulous with them.

kellie said...

Beau-ti-mous!!! Good job spending $$ to save $$. Hee hee. As I said... I so covet your constant crafty-ness!! When are we having our craft "retreat" together?? :)

Katie said...

Love that you had a good massage! And then had the good sense to head down the street to the bead store. Holy mamma is right! (and ever so funny.) I love red so much and you found the biggest, lovliest, yummiest looking candy beads. Mmmm. And those long ones in the background that I can hardly see. And the turquoise ones with them.... Have the best time making stuff for your shop. Is there seriously a bead called adventurine? Sounds like so much fun. Wish I could come make jewelry with you. xo