Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Thirty-three years ago today, my best friend and soul mate was born. Blessed be the day! :) So this is for him... some of my favorite things about and favorite photos of my favorite person in the world. :)

Happy Birthday, Baby! I love you more than I could ever say. Here are just a few reasons why. :)

You know how to fix and build things.

You support me no matter what I'm doing.

You know how to have a good time.

You’re always there when I need your help.

You really, really like sunsets.

You make friends, quickly and easily, wherever you go.

You encourage me to do things I'd never do otherwise.

You love caves…

… and tunnels.

You embrace our German heritage.

You're the best travel partner ever.

You understand my limits but push me to test them (and you're usually right).

You don't take yourself too seriously and laugh at yourself all the time.

You indulge me when I want to take funny photos.

You dress yourself well and are great at matching colors.

You show me new ways to look at things.

You make me laugh every day.

You're never bored and can always find something to entertain yourself (and me) with.

You help me to chill out and make the best of things.

You love life and experience joy intensely.

You’re a nature-loving mountain climber/hiker/ski-er/snow-shoer…

…and I think that’s so hot!

We have the best adventures together…

…and they’re fun even in the rain.

You appreciate the little things.

Did I mention you’re a hottie?

Besides that:

You're the least-picky eater I know and are always willing to try new things, and you always thank me for cooking even if it's something simple.

You love your family.

You have so much faith in me and think I can do anything.

You have a great sense of direction.

We’re a great team.

You make me feel beautiful (no matter what I actually look like at the moment).

When I said I wanted to go to Inspired because I wanted to learn how to be an artist, you said, "Baby, you already are an artist; you make beautiful things every day." (Followed shortly by, "Sign up!")

Everyone who's worked for you has loved you.

I've lost count of the number of strangers and acquantances who've told me that you "obviously adore" me.

You love to dance.

You're great at thanking me and not taking things for granted.

You're super smart and are good at explaining things to me when I ask, and you love to learn new things.

You're a very hard worker and have been good at every job you've ever had.

I'm so lucky to be married to and loved by you, Jason. You are my favorite person in the world. Happy Birthday, Baby!


Jason Y said...

Ah my Love, you're going to leave everyone with the impression that I'm a great guy ... and of course I love that! But alas, a follow up on my faults is probably in order; could get you some good sympathy points. :) 'Course we're always at our best in photos aren't we? -- or at least we try -- so might be a bit difficult to document with another photo montage. Jokes aside, this is absolutely the best birthday card I could of received. I'm so proud of your talents and I'm humbled you've honored me so. I just hope you don't lose any regular readers. ;)

Sus said...


You're right Jason is a great guy -He's smart, interesting and funny -the complete package! I'm happy he's a member of our family! Happy birthday to Jason!!


Katie said...

What a super nice awesome birthday card! Nice look at your lives too -- HOLY COW you guys have done a lot of travel. how fun!

Happy Birthday Jason!

cynthia said...

Cameron:) You made me cry again:) What a Super Duper awesome B-Day tribute for JASON. i wish you guys lived nearer to Ahmed and I so we could have you guys over for some Egyptian food:) Wow what a journey you both are on together. LOved the photo's:) And Cameron I second Jason on you being a ARTIST. Don't ever forget that girl:) P.S. I expect that Ornament picture on your christmas card this year. AMAZING.

kerry said...

I'm in tears, in awe and inspired to be in the place you two clearly are in. Gorgeous pictures and a beautiful and most thoughtful gift!

Sally said...

I love this montage. I am so glad Jason is a member of our family, he is indeed easy to be around, a great guest, funny, and very smart too.
Happy Birthday Jason!

The Mondo Family said...

WOW! What a great man you've got there. We all love you Jay. What a great montage for him. Happy Bday... you're older than me now! Love Kel

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

Cameron you two totally need to apply for the next amazing race season!


Sooz said...

OMG...This made me BAWL when I first read it (at work!! shhhh!! don't tell!) and I am TEARING UP reading it again to Rob! What a great tribute bday card....(and LOVE JASON'S COMMENT!! ROB NEVER COMMENTS ON MY BLOG!) Jason gets even MORE bonus hubby points for that!! and I second what Heather said---I would SO WATCH YOU TWO ON THE AMAZING RACE!! WOOT! WOOT!

PS Happy Birthday Jason!

Shani said...

love the birthday tribute!! you guys have been alot of cool places. thanks for sharing. and happy late bday to your dh!!