Monday, July 7, 2008

"Dave Matthews Band" or "I Am Becoming My Mother"

Catching Up #2--Dave Matthews Band Concert!

We went to see Dave Matthews Band with our friends Lisa and Steve. It was a "surprise" for Lisa so that made it extra fun. But at the concert it became very, very obvious that I'm becoming my mother in yet another way. I've never been all that claustrophobic, and I'm usually fine with crowds (up to a point, anyway, since I'm an introvert). But I just about lost it at this concert!

We sat on the lawn, which was fine while everyone was, you know, sitting on the lawn. But when the band (finally) came on, throngs of college-age kids who were drinking Jim Beam and smoking pot (and wearing really, really, really bad outfits) started dancing around and pushing to be up front and walking on our blanket and generally just causing chaos in my brain. ACK! Jason helped me escape to the fringes where I could get some air ('cause I never would've found my way back on my own in the dark!), where I sought the advice of a licensed nurse (my mom) and decided to take half of a little pill I keep in my purse for situations exactly like this (i.e. anxiety). Ten minutes later I felt a lot better and ten minutes after that I wanted to take a nap. :)

Besides that, this concert made me feel old. I kept saying (or at least thinking) things that only an "old person" would say. Things like, "Since when did they start charging ten dollars for a can of beer?" And, "Doesn't she realize that she looks like a hooker in that outfit?" And, "Why do they say the concert starts at 7:30 if they know they're not going to start until 9?" And, "Why are they making every song ten minutes long?" And, "Who would pay $35 for a t-shirt? Do they think we're insane?" And, "What makes them think they can have a concert and not play their most famous song?" And, "It's going to take us forever to get out of here, maybe we should leave early." I know, totally "old people" things, yes?

Indeed, it did take us forever (1.5 hours) to get out of there, thanks to the police officers busy texting on their cell phones, leaving the actual directing of traffic to a bunch of high school kids who probably don't even have their drivers' licenses. Inefficiency chaps my hide so much that had I not been zonked out in the back seat I probably would have gotten out of the car to direct traffic. It's happened before!

So I think that my next concert should be Johnny Mathis or Neil Diamond; I might fit in a little better, don't you think? Then again, I hear those Baby Boomers can get a little wild... maybe I'd better just stay home. :P


jenwcom said...

so funny! i totally *get you* on that one. i used to LOVE concerts. but now i feel the same as you... anxious and OLD.

i'm going to a concert saturday night at a place called *the masquerade*. apparently they have levels and the level we're going to is called HELL. i have a feeling that is exactly what it's going to be. (:

i know i'm going to feel old but considering my DAD is going, i think he'll be getting all the *what the hell are you doing here?* looks.

a friend of ours (who is only 23) is in the band (guitar) so that's why we're venturing out of the country and into the city. (:

BTW... i think i'm WAY older than you. and you guys look pretty *happ'nin' in your picture. (:

Cynthia said...

I am so with you. I can't handle the crowds either. I will be so with you at the Neil Diamond concert:)Or maybe Air Supply:)

dodi said...

Ok, so in my recent concert experience I felt waaaay old at Nickleback I even knew where the band would be drinking after the concert and what beverage of choice is and decided not to go even though it was only two blocks from where I was staying but sleep sounded better, that was the definition of old to me, what I would have done in my younger I don't need any sleep days. On the other side I felt young at Barry Manilow and we won't even discuss the old people feelings front row at an Evanesance concert three years back induced, that is when it first hit me. I still haven't resigned myself to being OLD but I do acknowledge the possibility.

Tauni said...

Oh sister. I'm right there with you. Neil Diamond here we come!

Heather said...

OMG now I am even more jealous! Going to a Dave Matthews band concert is one of my must do before I die items :)
They don't ever come to Canada though:(

suz said...

Found your blog from the photo class {we are both taking} this post made me laugh. I recently went to a OAR concert and felt oh, so old! I kept thinking thoughts like you were but also things like "do they have to stand? Can't they just sit so I can enjoy this concert in comfort"? Yep, I felt old! I also didn't get the memo on how to dress for concerts these days. Well love you blog will add it to the ones I obsess over and look at too often. I also have a blog but need to send you an invite if your interested - no worries if your not (im not as funny as you). By the way, in the picture you look WAY younger than I am. You can't be very OLD!