Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buzzing Around

I'm not even going to pretend that this is a good shot, but I still love it. I put out this hummingbird feeder mainly because when we went to the garden store to get critter food I saw these feeders for $1.50. So what the heck? After the squirrels started attacking my bird feeder I had Jason move it and I hung this up from the hook on the deck in its place. And about a week later this little dude found it and has been stopping by many times per day. Of course any time I see him and move to a window he flies away but I just happened to have my camera next to me and got this one through my dirty sliding glass door [note to self--Windex, dude] with the camera on the wrong setting. Now we have two that flit around... the other one actually flies while eating (drinking?) and is more brightly colored while this dude is a lazy bum and perches. Is this a male/female thing or an adult/adolescent thing? Anyone know anything about hummingbirds? Maybe I'll Wiki it. Anyway, I love these little guys as much as our cardinals and they make me happy. Whenever I see any of these winged friends I speak softly to them through the window... "Hello, beautiful little one, thanks for stopping by..."

Today I'm catching up on the forty-eleven-zillion e-mails that piled themselves up in my inbox while our internet was dysfunctional, and I'm zooming about like this little hummingbird. Two weeks of feeling like butt and not getting anything done means lots is weighing heavily on my mind and shoulders and needs to get DONE, DUDE. A friend that I used to babysit might be stopping by for a visit later this week which would be super cool... trying to not be shocked that she is a full grown adult with a job and a life and a car and is fully capable of driving from New York to North Carolina all by herself and stopping by here on the way. How the heck did that happen? Whoa.

Break time's over. Duuude... let's move!


The Mondo Family said...

Dont you just love the hummingbirds? We have a couple that stop by the Xenia's in our garden out back. The girls and I haven't been lucky enough to get a picture of them yet tho. Such amazing little creatures!

Cynthia said...

Oh what a sweet story of the hummingbirds. And I love the picture. And how cute you are speaking to the birds-putting thankful vibes there way:)

I so know what you mean about the baby sitting story. The other day I was shopping at this store and ran to a girl who I baby sat and now she is 20 something:) ugh.

Ava's Mom said...

I love hummingbirds too, they are just amazing....I haven't seen any in awhile. I think its still too hot down here. I love the picture, sometimes the ones that aren't "perfect" really mean the most, eh? Glad you are feeling better.