Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night...

...or at least from, like, 8:30 to 10 p.m. And then I wanna go home and go to bed. :)

We made the trek into D.C. last night to see Stephen's brother's band, Rome in a Day. They headlined at the 9:30 Club! I have no idea why it's called the 9:30 Club. Their address is 815 so maybe they thought 9:30 sounded cooler?

It was pretty cool! Stephen's brother Adam is the drummer. They were great, I think. I don't really listen to rock very much, let alone at a volume so loud that the whole building vibrates. But I think they were good! :) They have a female guitarist/vocalist, Ali, so that's cool. She rocked.

Adam also rocked, as you can tell since he is just a big drumming blur. :) I just had my handheld camera and was trying to use the balcony railing to steady it for the shots, until I realized that the railing was vibrating. Ha ha.

I was feeling pretty cool and cute since I was out at a real club in D.C. and I'd actually gotten a little dressed up and, you know, did my hair for the first time in much, much too long. So I got snotty for a second when I looked down from the balcony and saw this:

Yes, I did it. I mocked. I thought, "Oh, nice red cowboy hat!" I did. Please remember that I'm from Oregon, and in Oregon you don't wear a cowboy hat unless you're actually a cowboy (or cowgirl), and you definitely don't wear a red cowboy hat. Unless you're trying out for Rodeo Queen. Or dressing up as a slutty sexy cowgirl for Halloween.

Before you chastise me, let me assure you that the Universe smacked me upside the head right away. Okay, Universe, I get it. I should not mock! Because in a few minutes Ms. Red Cowgirl Hat came up to the balcony, and she was packing heat:

Oh sweet Jesus, look at that lens. I would wear that hat every minute for a year if I could have a lens like that. Sweet Lord almighty. Wear whatever you want, Ms. Red Cowgirl Hat. You obviously rock.


Today I am super excited! Katie and Oliver sent me a big box of artsy goodness last week, including a "grow your own pumpkin" kit. So we planted the seeds (in a bigger pot) and crossed our fingers.

Yay! I love when little green sprouts force themselves up into the daylight. It's so hopeful!

Today I am posting our old microwave on Craigslist. I have never posted anything on Craigslist before but Jason assures me that I'm smart and I can figure it out. I finally got all my photos printed for my mini-book so after I accomplish a few things [Hello, Mr. Vacuum, hello, Mrs. Mop, I did not forget you!] my reward will be to cut and paste and design and color and that will make me HAPPY for sure!

Have a super Saturday, y'all!


amy said...

man do i LOVE that picture of you in salzburg

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I would kill for that lens.

Cowboy Katie said...

Okay, and all this time I thought we were so alike. That cowboy hat frickin' ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! Uh. And you hate it. Well, maybe that's just cause it's not on my head. And it's not a slutty Halloween costume -- it's a "go ahead, make fun of my hat. I'll kick your @$$." kind of hat. While you're gift wrapping my cool hat, you could go ahead and send me that lens as an apology for making fun of my hat.

I love you anyway. And I'm really glad your pumpkins are growing! I hope they grow fast -- you might have them for Thanksgiving instead of Halloween.

xo xo xo

Cameron said...

Cowboy Katie, if it were on your head I would love it. You would rock that hat! And, unlike me, you could pull off a "go ahead, make fun of my hat and I'll kick your ass" hat. Me? Not so much of an ass kicker. Unless someone was making fun of YOU in the hat--then I would kick some ass. :) Shove it, Jennifer. Dork. :)


Katie said...

Cameron, sweet, you are a PRIME example of "the pen is mightier than the sword"!

You *MUST* see "A Knight's Tale" -- you remind me of Chaucer who was the best part of the movie.

cynthia said...

OK Girls no fighting:) you both crack me up:) And you know Cameron, I can't believe all these years I did know I had a red headed twin:)never ceases to amaze me how you amuse me.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

That. Camera. Is. Enormous. Crazy! I didn't know anything like that existed.

Jilliene Designs said...

I love the feedom you have in your life. I am totally living vicariously through you!