Monday, August 18, 2008

Peek x 2

Our pumpkins are growing like weeds! I love going out and checking them in the morning and again in the evening and seeing them grow. I love when I can see a new one peeking through the soil!

Do you see how all of the pumpkins are growing in kind of a circle, except for one bare section (from like 9 to 12 on a clock)? That would be because Jason and I planted the seeds together and that little section is where Jason poked those poor little seeds deep into the soil and they are having to struggle more to reach daylight. Hopefully they will make it. And when I plant a garden I am not letting Jason help. [Just kidding, J, I will so need your help!]

I have been cutting and pasting and brayering and printing and designing and coloring and stamping and inking and measuring and markering and blinging and stickering and sewing and generally papering my heart out for Cynthia's call for Leading Ladies. It's so fun!

I still need to finish my last piece to submit so I don't want to show too much until then, but here is a sneak peek.

Aren't those colors just YUMMY?

I'm also getting ready for our trip to what I have now learned is called "The Outer Banks." [Sorry, East Coast, I'm new here. Thanks for your understanding re: my ignorance.] Kerry and clan are already there and she's posting photos to her Flickr so I know that we are going to have a super time! Yay! And I have made complete peace with all the parts of soon-to-be-bikini-clad me that, you know, make it oh so obvious that I don't spend any much nearly enough time in a gym. For this trip, anyway, a peaceful truce has been called, and you know what? I will take it.


Katie said...

I'm so pleased your pumpkins are growing at a good pace. And I love the colors of your book -- cannot wait to see it!!! The red letters in the lower right corner of the picture look circus-y and totally fun!

Have a super super time at the outer banks in your bikini! Sending you "I am sensational!" thoughts because YOU ARE! Rock that bikini! whooo, hot chica!

Chiara said...

ooh pumpkins and have fun on the outer banks and you are gorgeous. I wish I could wear a bikini maybe someday