Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm making two kinds of "bread" to give to friends and Jason's office, including a new variety I just made up. We'll see how they like the lemon! ["Bread" means c'mon, we all know it's cake in loaf form. But I've had rave reviews so far!]

I burned my left index finger on the oven rack while making the bread.

I am very happy that my kitchen is clean again after I made a huge mess making bread considering that the kitchen is the only clean room in my house.

I am super bummed that a ton of my photos I want to scrapbook include someone I don't much want to remember or look at or acknowledge in any other way at the moment. This has put me in a photo-printing standstill, which has also put me at a creating standstill. Boooooooo! This must be solved pronto. It pisses me off that she is affecting my creativity. It pisses me off that she is making me reconsider the way I take group photos. It just pisses me off.

I met with my friend Teri to see some new Close To My Heart product! Her three boys love me (of course, ha ha!) and they are sooooooo cute. I can't wait for Teri and Jim to go see a movie so I can hang with the boys and catch some bugs and appaud their handstands and run through some flashcards together!

I am going to the Chiropractor and scheduling an appt. with my doctor because the two smallest fingers on my left hand are still numb (going on five-six weeks).

I really need to vacuum. I mean, really.

I got a sweet e-mail from Daniele. He said that I seem to understand what happened in his race better than his coach does. Ha ha, sweet! :) Also that he has no time for anything because he is much too busy sleeping and partying, but when he gets back home he will send me some more photos. :) Oh, Dani, I love you! So funny. :) Have fun at the Olympic Village. :)

I watched my DVR'ed Project Runway and Shear Genius. Re: Project Runway: this season is booooh-ring. Project Runway has always been good because of the nasty people and the divas and the flamboyant gays (which sometimes is all the same person) and all the drama that ensues. So luckily I can get that all the very next hour on Shear Genius! I am really bummed that Paolo was kicked off this week. He might not have been the best hairdresser but I adore him, especially after he cried about the alopecia clients and rose above to make his client a beautiful wig. I {heart} big melty hearts!

I printed all my new class documents for my BPS classes. Yay!

I am bummed that I didn't learn more about photography when I was living in Europe, but trying to be happy that I'm learning it now rather than later.

I still have forty-eleven things weighing on my heart and mind and To Do list.

I'm going to the shore next week with friends (hi Kerry!). I will be in a swimsuit in front of people I know and my willpower is nowhere in sight. [Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.] And neither is a tan.

I am deeply and seriously contemplating the fact that transvestites in bikinis (on Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List, which I "watched" while making bread) look EXACTLY like supermodels in bikinis. Why do I so many women feel like I they should look like a supermodel again, please? Will someone explain this? Supermodels look like transvestites for Pete's sake! Where are the real women? OH, here we are. Not on television. Not in the movies. Not in magazines. In dressing rooms trying on four thousand swimsuits in bad lighting or at home feeling bad about ourselves. WHAT CRAP!

[I am TRYING to not be this person. I HAVE HIPS AND CURVES AND I am trying to LOVE THEM.]

I am faking it 'til I make it, Baby. :)

I am a little bit fired up and I'm fine with that.

I am about to craft my ass off, pictures or no pictures. Sometimes all it takes is a little fire-up, baby! Woop-woop, let's go!


Katie said...

Oo sweet girl, what all you have going through your head! Thanks for the peek!

wish I could have some of that bread -- it sounds ever so tasty. BTW, I know your husband is an engineer so I'm guessing he works with all engineers and engineers will do just about anything for food. And they're not all that particular bake something good and I'm sure you're the FAVORITE wife at the office. Seriously.

As for your pictures, I find that some well placed horns and a pitch fork with a sharpie sometimes makes those unbearable photos all the better. Wallop her right out of your space and let the creativity flow. xo

Oliver would like me to go to a movie so that you can hang with him, catch some bugs, and applaud his handstands. He will skip the flashcards and run between trees instead. heh.

Hugs to you. I wish I was there to be random with you.

cynthia said...

Those bps classes look fun. And Cameron have I told you before how much I love your postS:) They always put a smile on my face. Have fun crafting:)

Ingrid said...

Nothing like perspective to turn it all around.... after being pregnant, I looked at old pictures of myself and said, "I was sooooo skinny!" (mind you, I have never had a skinny day in my life since about age 9). Oh to go back. I guess that isn't comforting to say that it only gets worse? But that isn't what I mean! I mean I wish I had appreciated where I was and loved who I was at the time. Love thyself. (And I think it is okay to love some memories too even if they are crafted with people who turn out crappy. Nothing can change that good moment. It is yours!)

Aimee said...

Why not do a spread about your feelings about that person in the group shots-- a bunch of group shots and then candidly and maybe privately how you feel-- it may make you feel better.

and listen up girl- you are thin- THIN i tell you- I saw you in April and thought you were a skinny bitch. curves- no way - you just have a hot bod.


kellie said...

hi! i have some catching up to do on my reading... and my blogging... i am so much better at talking than writing. well, no i think my writing may be better than my speaking since i have a chance to make sure my sentence makes sense and there are no "ahhs" or "umms" or "you knows" in my writing.

so since my brain moves far faster than my fingers... here's a few thoughts. you are beautiful inside and out!! i am so envious, sad & happy for you that you get to craft so much!! i love seeing your creations! (if only i could better manage my time, maybe i could get more crafting done too!)

anyway, that's it for now. miss you!