Saturday, August 9, 2008

This Makes Me a Princess, Right?

My parents are the King and Queen of Aurora Colony Days today in my home town!

A photographer came out from the paper last week so they're front page news today! Don't they look thrilled? Ha ha. :) My sister is there this weekend and I've given her strict instructions to take photos of them in their reigning glory today. My niece (who will be three next week) has decided that since they are King and Queen, that makes her a "True Princess." So I'm sure she's having fun today, charming everyone and acting very much like a "true princess." [I wonder if she'll be unable to sleep tonight because of a pea under her mattress? :)]

My mom laughs it off and says that it was inevitable that they eventually were chosen as King and Queen because it's a small town, but the truth is that they really do a lot for Aurora (and have for many years!). So, Mom and Dad, enjoy your day as royalty! I wish I could be there!


Chiara said...

I would definately say that makes you a princess

Aimee said...

I still can't get to your blog for more than 15 secs but i want to say it looks like your friend maybe is competing in the Olympics! WOOHOOO! What a moment. Dave's cousin was in the winter Olympics- played for Italy's hockey team and I was so proud and I hardly know him.

And maybe you are entering something in a county fair? You go girl!

cynthia said...

Her royal Highness Princess Cameron of Aurora. How fab is that and super cool for your parents. Love it:) Please post the paper:)

Katie said...

Princess Cameron....hmmmmmm. Yep. It fits. So are you the high kickin' the crud out of Robin Hood, eatin' swamp rat kind, or the dress-wearing, broom dancing, fluttering around with birds kind of princess? heh.