Sunday, August 10, 2008

Awwwwww Yeah, Baby!

We went to the County Fair today. Welcome to the South! Sweet Tea, barbecue, and these:

No, I didn't try them. Yikes!

Besides, this was much sweeter!

My photo of Florence won first place in the Architecture category, Boo-yeah, baby!

And, check it out!

Also won first prize for my Avon Walk handmade book! I didn't get a photo but I also won first prize for a pair of earrings I entered! Yippee! I won a few other ribbons for second and third places, too. Pretty good considering I didn't even think about entering until the day before!

AND, I won a whopping huge total of $31 for my various prizes. I'm currently plotting how I'm going to spend it all, ha ha! :) It was fun to enter and I'm glad I won a few things. I also got a good handle on how they judge things so I will be even better next year (ha ha!).

I know it's just a silly county fair, but I'm pretty proud that I won first prizes in three different categories--photography, jewelry, and papercrafts. I bet I'm the only person who did that! :)

I don't know if I am getting higher standards or if fair food is lowering its standards, but I arrived at the fair very excited to eat some very-bad-for-me-but-very-good-tasting-food. The options were so poor that we actually decided to forgo all options and grill out at home instead. Seriously. What is that about? Booo, sad! I stood looking at the various booths and thought, "If I'm going to eat this many calories I'd rather eat a Crunchwrap Supreme at Taco Bell instead." And that is a very sad state of affairs, let me tell you. Fair food has held a major place in my heart mind gut for more years than I can count. [Siiiiiiigh.]

Once my sister sends me photos of the reigning King and Queen (not to mention the True Princess!) of Aurora Colony Days I will post them here. Hint, hint, TJ!!!!


Sooz said...

HOLY STINKIN HECK!! A TRIPLE THREAT!! That is like winning an Oscar, a Grammy and a Tony! WEEE!!! YOU GO, GIRL!

cynthia said...

oh wow wow wow!!! Those pictures are amazing!!!!! And your avon walk book:) Lovely:)A big Congratulations for you on the first prize winning streak:) Very very cool:) Don't spend your winnings in one place. Tee Hee:)

Lori Hudson said...

Your right! I forgot to give you a link. So sorry. I hope you don't mind that I used your text, too. Congrats on the Fair wins, too. We make our art for ourselves, but it feels to good to get a little recognition.

kellie said...

AWESOME!!! I am soooooo proud of you! You are not only an artist... you are now an award-winning artist! :)

Heather said...

Hey congratulations! You are an award winning artist now! Way to go!
My Dad won some ribbons for his wine this weekend :D

I need to find me a fair too I want ribbons!

Katie said...

I nearly threw up a little when I read about FRIED oreos. GET SERIOUS!!! But then my stomach calmed a bit and then it flew into butterflies of excitement! WHOOO! I'm so proud of you, though not surprised, that you totally rocked the socks off everyone at the fair with your tremendous talent. Bask in your glory and spend your vast earnings on a display case for your many ribbons and trophies!