Monday, August 25, 2008


Oh my goodness what a vacation!

We drove down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to hang for a few days with Mike and Kerry and their girls Kelsey and Emma on the beach.

Oh my heavens am I glad I'm taking this photography class. Oh how I love playing with aperture and depth of field (DOF)! Love love love that shallow DOF!

This is the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. We climbed all 250-something steps to the top and man was that breeze at the top lovely!

We swam in the ocean.

Jason of course made the absolute most of the waves. Love this boy! :)

We took some photos on the beach.

We watched a glorious sunset.

You are not going to believe me, but this is SOOC (straight out of camera). I promise. This doesn't even do it justice, so imagine how great it was in real life!

We watched kite surfers:

We hoped good things and crossed our fingers for sea turtle hatchlings:

We ate great food and drank great drinks and hung out and relaxed and took naps and laid in the hammock and looked for shells and did a little shopping. I also learned what happens when you spray your entire self with sunscreen while your feet are buried in the sand (ouchie red feet!). To prove I was there, here's one more photo:

We left Hatteras on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn. Jason and I stopped for breakfast and when we got back on the road we got stuck for almost an hour in a mysterious traffic standstill that turned out to be a firetruck blocking both lanes of the highway. An old car had caught on fire on the shoulder of the road so of course the firetruck had to block all lanes for the rest of the morning, long after any trace of smoke existed. On the only road going up and down the Outer Banks. You know, to protect us all. Or something. I'm so not annoyed at all. Totally over it. :)

After we made it around the VIF (Very Important Firetruck) we continued on our journey up to Newport News. And that was totally worth the traffic drama. And I'll write about that tomorrow! :)


Sooz said...

holy stinkin HECK your photography class is really paying off!! great pics. Oh that HAMMOCK shot is dreamy!

Chiara said...

oh man I am so jealous of your pictures. totally rockin

Julie said...

you look so pretty in this shot