Monday, August 4, 2008

Or Should It Be MosaiCameron?

I was unable to sleep last night and my brain power is zilch today. But I had so much fun doing the last mosaic I had to do another one!

The questions & answers:
1. name of birth place--Portland
2. country where you live--America
3. favorite kind of house to live in--organized!!
4. one word to describe your style of decorating--ugh (things are so in flux here now this is the only word that comes to mind, ha ha!)
5. favorite town for a city trip--Venezia (at least it was, I don't have a new one yet!)
6. favorite country for a holiday--Italia
7. favorite piece of furniture--roll-top desk
8. favorite kind of garden--vegetable
9. favorite flower--stargazer lily
10. a historic place you visited and liked very much--Firenze
11. where would you move to if you had to? Seattle (and I'd move in next door to Kellie!!!)
12. favorite room in your house--studio

The Flickr links for the photos:
1. Portland, Oregon, 2. Fourth on Lake Austin, 3. bookshelf, 4. Ugh., 5. Red boat - Venice, 6. PHOTO & CO, 7. studio, 8. colors in the market, 9. Stargazer Lily, 10. Santa Maria del Fiore, 11. This Way To Pleasure, 12. Bullentin Board 06'

The credit:
Thanks to Sabine for the list of questions!

Aaaand the vote:
What do you think: Camosaic? Or MosaiCameron? This is very, very important and I won't sleep until I have reached you have helped me reach a decision. Please help. Thank you. I put a poll over there <------ in the sidebar. 'Cause I just figured out you can make polls and I wanted to, that's why. :) PLEASE VOTE. C'mon, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase? Thanks!


Sooz said...

CAMOSAIC FOR SURE! (I voted. Can I vote more than once?) I AM DOING THIS ONE TOO! RIGHT NOW! LOVE YOURS! (oh i love vacation mondays!)

cynthia said...

Ok cameron. Camosaic I second sooz. I LOVE THIS.

amy said...

I agree!!

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt...Camosaic.