Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Holy Productivity, Batman!

I woke up at 5:15 this morning when Jason got up and I couldn't get back to sleep (trust me, I tried) because of all the stuff bouncing around in my noggin. So I got out of bed and decided to make use of the two hours before my morning ritual of Crossing Jordan and due cappuccini. I really need to try this more often! I got a day's worth of chores done already AND am making homemade soup, and I have the whole beautiful guilt-free afternoon to work on a project I've been dying to try, yippee!

Still haven't sorted through my 25th Day photos... but that will be coming sometime this week.

For now, here is something SUPER COOL that I picked up in Portland last week:

And it has friends!

Tell me these aren't the coolest freakin' things you have seen in a long time. Go ahead, just try to tell me. 'Cause I just will not believe you. They are sah-weeeeeeet. I am torn between leaving them as they are, tearing out pages to use in other things, and decorating them as they are. I think for now I will leave them but you just never know. :) Don't they just make you want to scavenge books and break out your husband's jig saw?


katie said...

UH! BEST FINDS EVER! EVER EVER EVER! And, yes, I am, in fact, yelling! FANTASTIC. wee bit jealous. But I can't think of a better/cooler person for them to go to. xo

Katie said...

P.S. Those must be a b!tch to read. HA!

Cynthia said...

Very Cool!!! Super and How I love lIfe Mag. Girl mess with those soon. SO I can see what you can do:)

amy said...

i can totally understand your dilemma!!!

SmilynStef said...

These are so amazing ... I want some!