Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Weekend Update

I've planned all week to do another edition of If I Were President today, but when I woke up this morning I decided that Mondays are better days for pronouncements about changes one would like to make. So Monday it is!

Yesterday I went with my aunt Susan to a quilt show. She's an amazing quilter and was seeking inspiration. I was also seeking inspiration via the colors and textures; some of the work that goes into these fabric works of art is amazing. I took some photos and want to post a few on my Inspiration board in my studio. Some pieces of my favorites:

I've already started not one but TWO quilts that I'm not even close to finishing, so I successfully avoided buying any big kits or fabric. But I did figure that maybe conquering a smaller project might be a good and doable thing that would encourage me to work more on the unfinished quilts, so I bought the patterns for two cute bags. One I'll make using my stash, but I am obsessed with the sample fabric for the other bag and must find it. Can anyone help a sister out here?

I need just a fat quarter of the floral and 7/8 of a yard of the stripes. I also need 5/8 yard of the polka dots but I'm not as concerned about them; it's the stripes and the floral I'm really obsessed with. Anyone know which line(s) these came from or where I could find them?

And then, to complete my apparent obsession with bags to support a very cool local artist, I bought this (front and back):

It's a vintage bag with Bermuda cedar handles and a pretty satin lining. The artist crocheted these cool flowers and leaves and then stitched them on. Here they are in their full textural glory, YUM:

On the way home I had to stop at a few places and guess what I found!

Claudine's "Crafty Girls" cards! One of the cards is even of the lovely Donna. How fun!

And yes, I do realize that lately I might as well change the name of the blog to "Buy Beauty Daily," but I have been working on things. I've been working on so many things, actually, that I have about 18 projects that are 50-90% done and only one that is actually done!

Actually done: an acrylic bracelet that I adorned with pape-ah (that's paper with an accent :)).

I would post a photo of me actually wearing it except if you know me then you know that my wrists are teeny tiny and this bracelet looks ridiculous on me. And Jason refused to model it, which is probably for the best as his arm hair would not lend itself well to the overall look. :) So maybe I'll put it on Etsy. It was fun to make and I have a few more of the bracelets so maybe I'll whip some more out this next week.

And hints of a few other projects I'm having so much fun with:

Today: Still rockin' the South Beach Diet. Prepping Jason for his big trip tomorrow. A little house-cleaning and a little organizing. A little art-making later this afternoon, hopefully. Have a super Saturday, everyone!


Sooz said...

oops! reposting that 'cause I made a mistake -- trying again:

OH YUMMY! Love posts with tons of pics and details! OMG I am so jealous you went to a quilt show! YUM-O! The pics you captured are amazing....some day I want to do an applique quilt....for now I am sticking with simple squares and rectangles....easy lines : ) I do happen to have that BROWN POLKA DOT fabric -- it's by Michael Miller...lemme take some time to gander at the other fabrics and I will let you know if I recognize any!! (did you try to contact the person who created the bag? It's a kit, right? Do they include the supply list?) hmmmm...we shall sleuth this out ala proper Nancy Drews!

Shannon Parks said...

Grr! I want more. Stupid sneek peeks. Don't you know I'm a LEO and can't stand not knowing? Grr!