Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday (Oh-o-oh)

If you did not just sing that title in your head when you read it then you are not a child of the 80's. :)

I've got inertia on my side today--go go go! Getting lots done around here. I love to work on big projects when Jason is gone because then when he comes home he is amazed and doesn't look too closely at the credit card bill. [Just kidding!]

Moving around every couple of years meant that we "made do" when it came to storage and organization in each different house. Read: we have a lot of junky, cheap, and/or plastic storage stuff. Now that we are Grown-Ups With A Mortage And Everything and will be here for as long as we can stand this damn humidity a while, I want to invest in some nicer storage options. But since I want things that I actually like to look at, that means that it's, you know, not free. And if I'm going to plop down some dough, then I want to make sure the dough is plopped down for the right things. And that means capital-letter tasks like Research (i.e. what's out there and how much is it), and Weighing My Options, and Prioritizing, and Can I Just Get Rid of All This Stuff So I Don't Need Storage Furniture In The First Place?

I did mention that I am a Blue-Ribbon Winner in Making Mountains Out of Molehills, right? And that I have a Silver Medal in Overanalyzing Everything?

So this morning/early afternoon I'm shuffling things around to their approximate proper places in the house, sorting out stuff to get the heck rid of, and all that fun jazz that comes every time you move. [Shhhh, nobody mention that we got all of our household goods in February. And it is now June. I've been busy! Mainly with polishing my Gold Medals for Procrastination and Avoidance (in the "I can't cry about broken and ruined things if everything is still in boxes" category).] Later this afternoon I will reward myself with some Artsy Time. And possibly a blog about my class yesterday.

Okay, lunch time's over! Go go go!

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cynthia said...

I busted a rib laughing at the polishing the gold metals for procrastination and avoidance:) I am so with ya sister:)