Friday, June 13, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday!

My friend Stella started posting favorite photos on Fridays, and I think it's just a swell idea! And I'm such a big copycat that I'm jumping on her bandwagon. How fun!

Here is one of my favorite photos for this lovely Friday:

It was taken at the Olympics in Torino, Italy in February of 2006. The human-types are me, J's cousin Aaron, Jason, and Aaron's lovely wife Daniella (who loves glitter). The stuffed-types are Neve (she, a snowball) and Gliz (he, an ice cube). Obviously it was freezing--we were up on a mountain to watch the Luge. How much do I adore the hat I'm wearing? Completely and totally. Daniella really dug hers, too--those babies are warm. My mamma gave me mine, so it's second-generation coolness. Or warmness, as the case may be. Aaron went to U of O and was wearing his hat/wig thing both to stay warm and to be easily identifiable should a TV crew happen upon us. I love this photo because you can tell how much capital-f Fun we are having, and how tippy poor Neve and Gliz are (I am helping to hold up Neve, although it kind of looks like I just jumped her from behind and she is about to topple over), and all four humans are looking at the camera and smiling, and... that darn hat. I just love that hat!


Lots to do today! Jason comes home tomorrow so I need to clean up all my messes and make sure there's beer in the fridge--'cause I'm just that kinda wife. A trip to the post office to mail Dad his Father's Day present--doh! Sorry, Dad! Thinking of running to Ikea to pick up an Expedit. Which comes first, a studio organized enough to assemble a ginormous bookcase in, or a ginormous bookcase to enable organization of said studio? Then later tonight I get to go hang out with Kerry and gang! Yay!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Let's go!

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