Friday, June 27, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #3

What could be cuter than a fuzzy baby cow? I took this photo somewhere in the mountains in the north of Italy or in Slovenia on a drive with my parents. I love that his (her?) ears and the area around the nose are a different color. I love the huge daddy in the back with enormous horns and super shaggy hair. I love that I almost missed this shot because the little guy ran away over the hill but then came back just long enough for me to get this one photo before he scampered off again.

Happy Friday, everyone!

p.s. Let me and Stella know if you take up Favorite {Photo} Friday as well!


Cynthia said...

Cameron that is the cutest baby cow ever:) I think I'm gonna have to start participating in the photo with you and stella:)How fun. I look forward to these pictures:)

Stella said...


YAY for favorite photo friday! I missed last friday due to vacation, so I'll post 2 this week. WooT!

Kerry said...

definitely going to join you in favorite photo friday! speaking of favorites, next time you're over will you show me how to make my myspace page look awesome like yours...I'm so envious!