Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blogging on the Fly

So I'm still figuring out this whole blogging thing. I keep having these ideas but then instead of blogging I will say, "Oh, but I want to finish this project so I can put that up on the blog..." and I end up making a mountain out of a molehill, making everything bigger than it needs to be. Classic me. [Siiiiiigh.] Or I'll have a photo to put up and then decide it needs a little tweaking and I'll end up spending half an hour in Photoshop trying to figure out why in Photoshop it looks perfect but then once I save it as a jpg it looks almost nothing like it did in Photoshop, and then I get frustrated and decide to mop the floor instead. Anyone?

So! I am trying a new thing today. I'm calling it "Blogging on the Fly." Like mini-blogging. Or imperfect unedited blogging. Or something. Anyway, here goes!

Darky & Lighty: Remember that commercial where the guy buys a house and proceeds to open every door and window and turn on every light in the house, at which point he calls his mom and tells her he's done so? I loved that commercial, and thought that I would surely do that someday when I had my own house. But instead I married Darky Darkerson, the man who asks questions such as, "Do you need this light on?" A harmless question, sure--except when the question is posed about the kitchen light, while I am in the kitchen making dinner. Hence the nickname. So obviously in retaliation he's nicknamed me Lighty Lighterson. Nagging becomes teasing and it works for us. :)

It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity: Darky Darkerson (DD) finally turned on the A/C, yippee! It's really not that hot here yet, but I. Don't. Like. Stickiness. I used to think that I wanted to live in Georgia (we could have been neighbors, Jen!); I was in college and I had romantic notions of huge wrap-around porches and weeping willows and mint juleps and Southern gentlemen. But the humidity--ugh. It's bad enough here! I woke last night at 2:21 a.m. and Jason was not in bed. I don't think that's ever happened in the history of Jason and Cameron--him supposed to be there but not being there--so I was kind of freaked out for a second. But then I realized I had the whole bed to myself so that I could spread out in such a way that none of my skin was touching any other part of my skin (if you live with humidity you know what I'm talking about!). I figured Jason was doing the same thing in the guest room, but then he came back in and announced he'd turned on the A/C. Either it was finally bad enough that he couldn't sleep, or he realized that if he finally turned on the A/C (our neighbors have had it on for a month) I would stop saying, "Don't touch me. Uck. Don't touch me. It's sticky. Don't touch me. Blech. Don't touch me."

Crawfish Boil!: The Boil was great fun, but for completely different reasons than I'd anticipated! We got some crawfish (or crawdads as I grew up calling them):

I discovered that peeling crawfish is like riding a bike... no matter how long it's been since you've done it, jump back in/on and you remember right away. Yum! They also had dark(ish) beer, Amber Bock, which was a big happy surprise for me. We'd paid a little bit for tickets to this shindig, so we were anticipating eating and drinking our fill and getting our money's worth. But the skies turned grey and the wind rolled in and pretty soon we were in a downpour, so we packed up and hoofed it back to the car. Luckily all was not for naught [I heart homophones]; Andrea's friend Elizabeth invited us back to her lovely condo to continue the festivities! She very generously treated us all to a deluxe wine-tasting of various lots of Cameron Hughes wine. Yum! I wish I would have taken a photo of the cheese tray... when she brought it out I thought, "Oh, right, like we're going to finish all that cheese!" Many bottles and many hours later we'd not only done so but also ordered pizza from a yummy Italian place! As if all this wasn't enough, Elizabeth's dad, Stephen, is a professional photographer who is generous with advice. He taught me a new way to hold my camera--what a dork am I that I didn't even have that right?--and gave me his e-mail address if I have any questions or want constructive criticism on any of my photos. Sah-weet! I'll definitely take him up on it once I start my photography class in July and know which questions to ask (ha ha!). So I guess in the end it was what I expected it to be... I said that I was expecting a "good food, good friends, good fun kind of day" and I guess that's exactly what we got!

Okay, this is fun. I'm going to go work on a project but I'll be back later. :)

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jen said...

oh, girl, we've had our air on since february.

my brother-in-law is totally like jason! i swear when i go to their house it's SO dark and totally HOT. they don't turn their air on until it's completely unbearable. in fact, it's like a competition to see who can last the longest (josh or alicia). anyway, too funny.