Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Funday

I'm about to head off to go meet Carol Wingert and together we (and a bunch of other women--and hey, possibly a guy, you never know!) are going to make something approximating this:

I'm excited because Carol is also going to be an instructor at Inspired next year! And I will be there. So it will be fun to get to know her a little now. :) Because I'm such a smarty I decided to buy the two books that Tena and Carol wrote together so I could have Carol sign them. Yes, indeedy, I am such a smarty that I forgot I already bought one of the books when I was at Inspired so that I could have Tena sign it. Doh! At least I found the Tena-signed one before I ended up with one Tena-signed and one Carol-signed and then I just wouldn't know what to do. :P Oh, and both books are both fabulous and can be found here and here. :)

After the class I get to be artsy or I get to sit around and watch whatever I want to on television because 1) I cleaned the house yesterday, 2) Jason is gone, and 3) I have not succumbed and am still rockin' the South Beach (although getting Jason packed last night almost sent me to the fridge for a beer about 18 times) so I deserve it. :)

Have a super Sunday!


Jaime said...

I hope you have a crafty time!

zanne said...


Can't wait to see your final Carol project!!!


cynthia said...

yeah the picture of the cool book again:). Girl you need to post the insides. I want to see the whole thing. I hope you had fun at Carol's class. DO share the details:)

Shannon Parks said...

I demand to see this project!