Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm a Winner!

Yes, indeedy, I am. I don't know what's going on in the universe to cause such a cosmic shift, but I have started winning things. There are a few Truths about me, and one of them has always been, "Cameron doesn't win stuff in random drawings." And that's fine, I've gotten really used to it (although I suppose it has contributed to my "overzealousness" in non-random giveaways... oh, yeah, baby, I rock at Bridal Shower games, bring it on, I want that bubble bath gift set!). :P In fact, whenever I've been at a gathering that included random give-aways, I've always told my table-mates that they have a better chance of winning since they were sitting with me. And then they are all shocked when everyone at the table wins something except me, and I just laugh. Truly. It's happened!

This cosmic shift started at Inspired, where I won an alphabet sticker set from Rusty Pickle during a class with Lance, Mr. Pickle himself. Sure, it was just a couple of sheets of stickers, but I hadn't won anything in so long that I was really thrown for a loop. I felt like I was on Candid Camera or something... surely this must be a set-up? But despite a cursory search of the room, no camera crews or Allen Funt could be found (which would have been really scary, considering he died in 1999). I had actually won something!

Next, I won a seat in Stacy Julian's Have More Fun class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. That was super cool and amazing, and I could've sworn I blogged about it but I just went back and searched and searched and couldn't find it, so I must not have. It is a great class that just started last Thursday and I'm having fun already! It's an $85 value and that is way more than a couple sheets of stickers, let me tell you! But it was a random drawing that required the purchase of another class (see below) on a certain day, so I thought I just happened to be one of the only people who met the qualification so I won by default. :)

But THEN I entered a random drawing with INO Records, and I won that, too! I didn't even blog about it when I found out because I wanted to make sure it actually came in the mail. And it did!

I won five CDs by Sara Groves, whom I adore! Holy cow! I can tell you what--dear Sara will sound even sweeter, because every time I play these CDs I will remember, "I'm a winner!" :)


Tonight: Heck yeah, Shear Genius is on! Heck yeah, I planned leftovers well so that I don't have to cook (except for onions and peppers)! Heck yeah, I'm finishing up a couple of projects so I can FINALLY mail something to a couple people, including Sooz (please don't hate your cute redheaded friend, Sooz, it's coming! :)).

Tomorrow: Super excited to start my photography class over at BPS!
AND I have a bunch of projects finished that I want to post domani (including the Art Deck, Sooz, will wonders never cease?). AND I plan to finish my catch-up game with Scrap Your Day. AND I still want to tell you all about the fab time I had with K-k-k-Katie and company. [For cripes sake she was gone for a week and she's already blogged about it, make me look bad why doncha, Katie? :)] AND I will mail myself my new journal, Wreck This Journal, on Katie's advice to send it to myself before I wreck it in many other ways. AND maybe I will explain what I am talking about. AND there is some of that pesky housework to be done. I have a spider living in the bathroom off our entryway. I have never seen him/her, but there is a little web in the corner under the counter and a steady collection of dead bugs on the floor. Which makes me want to clean up the dead bugs and leave Mr. Spider there... obviously he is doing a good job of killing all the bugs that somehow enter {shiver}, so I think I will grant him clemency and allow him to stay unobtrusively there. So dead bugs and etc. will be vacuumed, and Mr. Spider will hopefully not be. AND I will hopefully think of a name for him, as long as he's going to be a long-time resident/employee here. Clarence, maybe?


jen said...

sweet! how much fun is it to win? so cool.

i love sara groves too.


Tauni said...

I recently discovered a small pile of dead bugs under a spider a web in my garage next to my car door. I thought, "Ewe! Spider!" But left him as he was killing bugs. The next I saw that Mr. Spider, was a Ms. Spider. A Black Widow. Right next to where I load the girls into the car. "Bye, Bye Ms. Spider and Ms. Spider's 5 egg sacks that I found!" YUCKY!

Oh, and congrats on the winning streak. ;)

Cynthia said...

You lucky girl:)I will have to check out Sara Groves. I am in dire need for some new music:)
Clarence is a wonderful name for the spider:) You are so much kinder than I am:)

Katie said...

I love spiders. Rock on Clarence! YEAH! to the winning streak! Hey, I was in the Rusty Pickle class -- I missed some Cameron time at Inspired. boo to missing Cameron time! It is sad that we met the last hour of the last class, BUT! at least we I guess it's REALLY fortunate.

Hope all is well. I miss you. Too short of a time with you. xo