Friday, July 11, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #5

I mentioned before that missing Italy comes in phases. Although I always miss certain things about living in Italy, I'm not in an intense "I'm really missing Italy" phase at the moment. But today two things happened. First, my friend Angela, who is still in Italy, sent me an e-mail about going to the local market and the hilarity of attempting to try on pants in the back of a huge van with one of the back doors opened; she said it made her think of and miss me, which is awesome and also pretty hilarious in and of itself, right? Then I read Deborah's post about her trip to Italy. So here I am back to a photo from Italy for Favorite {Photo} Friday! :)

Here we are in Venice once again. I particularly love this photo. I love how the metal grate is out of focus but you can still see the "Elegant Decay" that is Venice. I love the light and the shadows, which are ever-present in Venice with all of the tall buildings and narrow alleyways. I love that I can remember squatting down on a bridge and blocking foot traffic (Venice's equivalent of a major party foul) to take this shot. It was worth it. ;)


Clean-clean-cleaning the house today. Not a lot of fun but WOW what a load off knowing it's done! Still working on a bunch of things I mentioned in my last post... lately I feel like I am doing a bit of swimming upstream; lots of work and not a lot of results. Bummer, but hopefully over with the mega-cleaning jump-start today! Enjoying both Photography 101 (which I think is going to be a lot more work than I'd anticipated--but in a good way I suppose!) and Have More Fun (which is super fun BUT I haven't kept up with the assignments!) over at BPS. Going to another party at Kerry's tonight, yippee! And I've had a sudden urge to rent a power-washer this weekend and do the outside of the house. We'll see how that plays out.

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)


Katie said...

"Major Party foul". Snort. Glad you caused a foul because the picture was worth it. Hope you're having fun power washing your house. And can't wait to hear more about your classes.

Cynthia said...

I just emailed you:) and had to check out your blog for a new post(they always cheer me up). Triple wow on that photo. I love the view though the metal grate. I love how you described with elegant decay. super duper cool. yesterday on my quest to keep my mind busy, I went searching for old postcards and found this great of venice- the basilica of s marco. It was meant for you:) I'll make you a little collage painting. A little reminder of your Italy:)

Anonymous said...

GREAT photo Cameron! I have been enjoying your blog - love your Italy photos. I can now understand better why you miss it. And thanks for all your sweet comments.