Monday, July 7, 2008

Catching Up #1--Rock Band!

Whew! I uploaded a TON of photos to the computer last night and there is a lot to catch up on... also a lot to catch up on around the house so I'm going to try a quick blog, quick work, quick blog, quick work pattern today. Let's see how it goes!

A few weeks ago Jason and I got a chance to play Rock Band for the first time, with cousins Aimee and Aaron. Holy cow what fun! This photo is crap not good but it's the only one I have. I can totally understand now how addictive this game can be, and I also understand how people get caught up in it. Before playing I thought, "Okay, you do realize that you're not actually playing an instrument? That you are not actually making music? That you are not, in fact, a Rock Star?" Yes, my High Horse was very high indeed. Because once I started playing I realized, of course, that players are making music. If you screw up then it sounds awful... if you rock then it sounds awesome. Just like real music with real instruments!

I am not a video game-type person. I'm not very good at them and having people watch me suck at something isn't really my idea of a fun time. But since all four of us were in this thing together, and since Aaron--who is a TOTAL Rock Star (helpful since it's his game)!--was all about having fun and playing together (and never knocked Jason and I for sucking), I gave it a go anyway. :) I played Bass Guitar most of the time because I think it's easiest. I tried out Drums but I was horrible; I mean, truly dreadful. Not only was I not good at it but I just felt like a total idiot, like my hands and my brain were not connected to one another; it was awkward and uncomfortable. Jason said that he felt the same way, and we decided that there must be some music gene that Aimee and Aaron have and we don't, because they both rock.

At the end I actually did vocals for a couple songs and apparently I am best at that because I got 100% on Blink 182's All The Small Things and 98% on Enter Sandman by Metallica, for crying out loud! I didn't even know all the words! Which kind of confirmed a secret suspicion I've always had... I don't have a good singing voice but I do have an ear for pitch... since I think that's what Rock Band measures. Finally, an environment (albeit an artificial one) where I rock! No wonder people like this game! :) Oh, and the fact that my avatar looked like a super hot cartoon version of me didn't hurt, either. :) If only playing Rock Band would make me actually look like my avatar... :P

More later!


sus said...

It boggles my mind that the word avatar now is being used in a video game! Life continues to amaze me.


Aaron said...

You rock, Cameron. You guys should make the investment in a PS3 - dollar/time it's the cheapest and IMO some of the best entertainment you can buy.

That was a lot of fun - maybe we can do it again at Christmas.