Friday, April 25, 2008

"Scrap Your Day" Challenge

About two minutes after writing a draft blog posting asking if anyone wanted to do crafting challenges with me, Aimee sent out an e-mail asking me (and a bunch of others) to join her in Shimelle's "Scrap Your Day" challenge. Hoorah! Now that's what I call synchronicity.

Basically the idea--if you don't want to go chasing all over the internet with my links--is that you/we take a bunch photos on the 25th of each month, every month for a year. Then we put all/some/most/whichever don't show our muffin-tops and double-chins and under-eye bags of the photos into this cool calendar/album thingy. Since I spent about a kajillion dollars while I was at Inspired I decided to make the album instead of buying the luscious Making Memories one with the perfectly scalloped edges and the little window on the front. But mine is just as good. :) And FREE since it was all sunk costs, anyway. [Any Econ majors out there know what I'm talking about? :)]

The photos, in general, should document our lives either that day or in general or whatever we want. It's flexible.

So far today I've taken photos of: my alarm clock when I woke up, my morning cappuccino, my lunch, my "studio," my feet, a glass of wine, the computer, the stamps I used to make the album, etc, etc, etc.

And I finished my calendar/album. I used BasicGrey's Stella Ruby papers, which I might not have used had I thought about the fact that most of it will be covered up, and whenever I use BasicGrey papers I like as much of the paper to show as possible since they are expensive beautiful.

Since I haven't finished taking photos today all the pages in the album are still blank. Here is the cover:

25 (as in the 25th of each month) * 12 (as in 12 months) = details. I love it! When completed, this album may or may not accurately reflect a year of my life--but it definitely will reflect some details of that year! The cover is made of bookboard (from PaperSource) that I painted with Making Memories Scrapbook Paint and then covered with the Stella Ruby Paper. I punched the holes with my McGill drill punch and then because the binder rings were going through the holes and making me crazy, I put big eyelets in each of the holes... a nice touch, I think! I love happy accidents! Everything except the word "details" is Close To My Heart acrylic stamps with Chocolate ink, "details" is a Lisa Bearnson foam stamp with MM paint. (Isn't this paper beautiful?)

Here is the "Title Page."And a detail close-up of my journaling. You can't see how cool all my sparkle pens look on here:

In addition to previously-mentioned supplies I used Heidi Swapp foam stamps, Sassafrass Lass stamps, and Sakura gel pens.

The rest of these photos are the blank pages for each month that I will add photos to as we go through the year:













The Inside back cover, with space for my journaling after I finish the project in a year:

And, finally, the back cover:

All supplies on these pages are the BasicGrey Stella Ruby Papers, DCWV textured cardstock (from the stacks), Close To My Heart (CTMH) Chocolate Ink, and CTMH acyrlic stamps. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

Woo-hoo, can't wait to put photos in it tomorrow!


Aimee said...

so beautiful- i love it- love the whole look of it you talented lady-

and i love your blog- i smile as i read and smirk just like i do when i read cathy's blog...and i love pioneer woman and if i had not already read the black heels to tractore wheels saga, i would gladly read for nine hours- it is so stinkin' funny-

last thing- how do you cross out words on your blog? it is so stinkin' funny when you crossed out muffin tops and chins--- that is why i had to take 17 self portraits today:)

Cameron said...

Hey sweet Aimee! I hadn't even finished posting and you already left a comment, you really ARE my biggest fan! :)

To cross out words use (del)text(/del) except use <>s instead of ()s.For example: I have a (del)muffin top(/del) beautiful smile would have a big slash through muffin top (if you used <> instead of ()--make sense?).

Cynthia said...

Cameron that is one awesome book. I can't wait to see it when it is filled:) Oh isn't basic grey fabulous!!! It stinks that I had to work all day and couldn't participate in the challenge today. I will next month after seeing your book:)

snowflakes said...

What a beautiful book. I'm excited to be part of this challenge too

Sooz said...

HOLY STICKIN' HECK INDEED! It is gorgeous and I agree - it will be SO HARD TO COVER THOSE GORGEOUS PAPERS!! (But at least you can enjoy them until the month comes when you have to cover 'em....right?) LOVE your cover and title page. I am not there yet....still jonesin' for that SCALLOPED EDGE. And I really want BIG GROMMETS....hmmmm.

Latharia said...

That album is just drop.dead.gorgeous!!! :D

amy said...

i LOVE that album. SO inspiring. i must say seeing it has motivated me to try to get mine together. thankyou!!

Jaime said...

I like it! I have been working on chipboard books for next christmas.

eustella said...

I am lusting over your STELLA ruby papers. I bet you can't guess why...

Heather said...

Awesome Cameron!
I worked my last official day today and tomorrow I am working on this I don't think I took enough photos but oh well.
I did stock up with my employee discount though :D

Paulette said...

Cameron, I am pinching myself!!!! When that paper came out, I had to have it ALL...( my BFF thought I was CRAZY!!!) I have covered an American crafts 12 X12 album & I have already done too many pages with is so yummy.Cheers Ms. Inspired!!!!