Monday, May 12, 2008

Just Gimme the Good Stuff, Baby

Is that a song? It is a song, in my head at least. But is it a song in, you know, real life?

I'm still super sick. But I'm focusing on the good stuff, baby!

Ordered this. Can't wait to check it out! I made a super-cool star book in a class once (2004?) and was really good at it (artsy and precise? I'm there, baby!). And I had big plans in my head to make eighteen more, even ordering extra-large cardstock for big pages. And then I promptly never made another one. But now I'm doing the Handmade Book of the Month Club with Tena over at BPS and it's rekindled my interest. I love the BPS classes but since I am such a rule-follower (which is so annoying to me lately) I always end up ordering everything on the supply list rather than deviating and using my own stash. Which gets expensive, especially when it seems I can never find all the supplies at one online store and have a good excuse to shop all around and order a bunch of stuff I want but don't need at three different stores and if I just order a little more I get free shipping so I might as well, right? to place several orders. :) So with this book I can use all my own stuff to make any ol' book I want and it will be SUPER. Yay!

Also signed up for this class (Remember the Journey). I'm excited because the instructor, Carol Wingert, is also going to be an instructor at Inspired next year! And I will be there. So it will be fun to get to know an instructor now so we'll be old friends by next year. :) (Did I mention that Tena and Carol are friends and have written books together? It's a small world after all!)

Finished some awesome projects that are surprises because they are presents. Smarty Jason reminded me to take photos before I ship them off. Whoa, that was a close one (dang cold medicine)! Thanks, Love. :) Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is? I don't want to show off my surprises yet but I’m liking the whole paragraph, photo, paragraph, photo thing we have going on, so here is a favorite photo of my darling husband. :)

I had about two good hours of energy on Saturday and needed something from Michael's for the aforementioned projects, so I scooted out of the house and across town. Next door is Ross and I always pop in to see what I can find in the housewares section. I've gotten some good deals there... but you all know about Ross, yes? A Bialetti pan, Bohemia crystal, and a cast-iron grill pan and press all for 50%+ off retail; these are some of my favorite finds. And now I have a new addition to the short list:

Can't wait to do something like this to them (hopefully this afternoon). Of course I couldn't resist buying every one they had because I am obsessive-compulsive like to help my friends. So I am offering some up to the WASSIMA girls (you know who you are). And to Shannon (thanks for the link!). And to Katie (just 'cause I think you're awesome). Let me know if you want some and e-mail me your snail-mail address and I'll pop some of the wood beads in the mail to you. 'Cause that's how we roll. :)

This little dude (and a few others) stopped by my deck (photo taken through my sliding glass door). Love these guys!

Other good things rolling around here (for which I have no photos): seeing the mamma feed the baby robin in our tree out front; making friends with an amazing woman that I only spent about an hour with in person and now adore; getting my inbox back to below 20 messages; finding out that our sump pump works (four inches of rain in the last 24 hours and still going!); still being grateful for having a dishwasher; the neighbor cats I'm kitty-sitting that have the cutest treat routine--I tell Buddy to sit (and he does) and then he has to stay sitting while I give treats to Abigail and say, "Ladies first!" and then give him treats. Get serious!

I'm trying out a new routine this week and it's now housework time (which is followed by artsy time) so let's roll on through, shall we?


Shannon Parks said...

Arn't DD little things so cool?! It's awsome that you found black and other shapes. Thanks for sending some my way. (I didn't see your email link on your blog so...)My email is Shoot me an email and I send you my snail-mail address. Maybe we can talk DD into doing a tutorial.

Cynthia said...

Looooooooove the Mini book!!!! Holy buckets that is cool. Share some more pic's if you got them. I will so be so checking out the book you mentioned. Can't wait to see what you create with the ideas from that.

Jilliene Designs said...

That album is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the rest... I always for get to take pictures of my gifts. I asked my mom to bring the album I made her for Christmas next time she visited so I could snap some photos and she misunderstood and yelped "no! Its mine and you can't have it back!" I would love some of the future charms you swooped up - maybe you could send them out with your first project - a RAK for each player :O). Ok - I'm writing a novel so I'll shut up Hugs to you and Happy Tuesday!!

Katie said...

Amazing woman? I clicked the link eager to see who it was. Phwooor! HA, I almost wet myself! Meet my new publicist, Cameron. You're so cute.

Can't wait to hear what you think of the "how to make books" book. Let us know, eh?

Paulette said...

Sweet Cameron,
I did the same thing, bought a book, only I think it was called Cover to Cover...haven't used it yet LOL!!! I love mini books & accordions... I find doing the classes keeps me "on it"(sort of!).I think you will love Carol Wingert (She & Tena have been coming to "our neck of the woods" for 3 years now...)
You three are so talented..yes, you, Katie & Shannon...I don't know if I can keep up but I'm having fun trying!!! happy day!