Friday, November 14, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #22

Holy stinin' heck how is it Friday already? I honestly don't know where this week has gone. There's that whoooooosh again! I almost didn't post today but then I remembered, it's Favorite {Photo} Friday! And I'm shaking it up a bit by posting two photos today.

Our neighborhood has lovely trees in it, which Jason and I both love. Here's some pretty blossoms on our neighbors Steve and Roxanne's tree (just after a rain).

And here's a gorgeous leaf that fell from a tree and was in Steve and Roxanne's front yard (thanks for letting me trespass, Roxanne!).

Since I usually do a theme of some sort every week, can you guess what my theme is? Spring and Fall, you say? Do I hear yin and yang?

Actually, these two photos were taken on the same day. Today. The weather has been so crazy here that the leaves are changing and falling off the trees and some of the trees are blossoming! Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and 65 degrees, and Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous and sunny but with a high of just 42. Crazy, I tell you. But I'll take it.

So that's the theme of the week; crazy things comin' at me, some of which I've expected and some of which I haven't, but I'm just rollin' with it all.

Today I got in a couple orders I've been waiting on and so tonight I'm a metal-stamping fool. I hand-stamped 25 little pendants with the word "JOY" and let me tell you that any word starts looking awfully strange after stamping it that many times. :) I'm hoping to get things finished up enough so that I can pack it up and take it over to my friend Teri's to work on finishing the necklaces; she's having a scrapbooking crop at her house and I'm going there to chat with everyone while they scrapbook and I make jewelry. :)

Tomorrow I'm headed to meet some other Kappas and have a fancy High Tea. Time to break out the dress-up clothes. :) After that I'm switching gears and trading my high heels for safety glasses; I got in the tumbler and razor flush cutters Kellie kindly bought at discount and shipped to me, as well as the fine silver wire I ordered and the butane I picked up at the cigar shop for my torch. That means tomorrow I will be fusing silver, baby! Can't wait--I already have ideas for jewelry I'll make so I dang well better be good at silver fusing, that's for sure. :)

Alright, I'm off and running to get to Teri's. Have a great weekend!


Aimee said...

here you are...i've missed you

Ava's Mom said...

Hey you. Sorry I haven't left comments in forever. I can't find your email, but I am coming to town again Dec 7th-12th. Would love to get together for dinner or me? LOVE LOVE the jewelry you have been posting.

Katie said...

Love the photos! Glad to have you back after having posts every day it was sad to have a break. though good for you to have a break! I cannot wait to see what you create with all your new goods! How are you doing on the Jessica Sprague class? I'm BEHIND!

Katie said...

...I speak English occassionally...

MAM said...

Cameron you've been awarded at

kellie said...

HI!! Great pics, good luck FUSING!! :) I have not done much of it myself lately (how sad!). I can't find enough time in the day.

jen said...

love the pictures. reminds me of life.

i have been missing your posts as well.

Leslie said...

Nice photos and blog-came to your site through your comment to Jersey girl-Carolyn.

You are very insightful and appreciative of your life and your blog exudes that JOY!

Glad I found your site!


Anne said...

Hi Cameron! Nice pictures! I especially like the one of the maple leaf. I love the fall colors!