Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night

Happy November! Can you stinkin' believe it's November already???

I've enjoyed all the Halloween blog posts and e-mails from my friends and family so I thought I'd post a few photos of my own before I head to the gym (and then get ready for a costume party tonight at neighbors Roxanne and Steve's house, fun!). Last year we were living with my wonderful Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob during Halloween, and we had so much fun that we decided to go back and stay with them again this year. I brought wigs!

Susan laughs a lot; one of the many reasons I love spending time with her! And how can you not laugh in wigs like these? :) Don't you love photos of people laughing? I do, it always makes me feel like laughing; even in a photo it's contagious!
Her pumpkin this year was awesome and I love this weird photoshop version, it's spooky!

All the houses on her street have lots of stairs up to the front doors so most of the neighbors just come down onto their driveways with their candy in order to drink wine and socialize save the poor kiddies some steps. Here are Jason and I out front.

One of my favorite costumes of this year's trick-or-treaters:

Don't worry, I got permission from her mama. :) Isn't she cute? And speaking of super-cute costumes, go check out my favorite boy! Both of these costumes remind me of the year my mom somehow decided to fit handmaking two giant stuffed animal costumes into her already overflowing schedule (sound familiar, Katie? :P) and my sister and I went as Shirt Tales (I was Pammy Panda and she was Rick Racoon). I have to find a photo of those costumes, they were awesome!

This morning Susan spoiled us (as usual) with waffles with berry sauce and ham, yum! Then on the drive home today we weren't sure if this was a trick or a treat:

It was a little of both since all twelve pumps were running at once (very, very, very slowly!) and people were backed up waiting to get in on this action... but some things are worth waiting for!

Okay, it's off to the gym for me--trying to make this a habit! Remember to comment on my last post if you want to get in on my RAK giveaway!


Katie said...

Glad you had such a good time at the parrrrr-tay that was your Aunt's house. Laughter is contagious! Thanks for the link -- I'll be sure to show Oliver. And HOLY CRAP on the gas. I think I'd better come down to you to get gas! heh. Oh! And I forgot to mention in the previous post -- don't include me in your giveaway. Don't get me wrong -- I think your necklaces TOTALLY ROCK! I think it would be cool for someone else to win one of your necklaces and I'd hate for anything to compete with my supercool art one. I *LOVE* that necklace. It's like keeping a little bit 'o Cameron with me when I need her. Love you and cannot wait for a free minute to actually write or talk to you. xo xo xo

Jilliene Designs said...

$2.19 wow! We are still paying 3.08 here. That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my jack-o-lantern look better in e-space than it did in person. It was fun to have you here for Halloween!

Aunt Susan

cynthia said...

Oh that is one cool pumpkin your aunt did. Are sure she is not Martha Stewart:) It sounds like you had a lovely Halloween and I know those gas prices are spooking me out:) Here in Minn. we are 2.07:) Wow I when I filled up I could get a car wash again without feeling extreme guilt:)