Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Inez! & Gratitude Day 7

I am super-duper happy to announce that Ingrid delivered Inez Josephina into the world yesterday!

Mother and baby are doing well (and father Brad, big sister Francis, and formerly-little-brother-now-middle-child Zephyr are doing well, too)! Isn't she just so, so... oh, I have to say it!... pretty in pink? :) I just want to touch that soft new baby skin! Congratulations, Ingrid and Brad and family! Inez is beautiful and I can't wait to hold her when we come home for Christmas!

I can hardly believe that it's already been a week of the Gratitude Project! Today will mark 140 things that I'm grateful for... things that I've noticed and thought about more in order to document them, thereby appreciating them more and focusing on the more positive aspects of life. All this sunshine is driving Jason nuts, ha ha! :) But it's been great for me, and I'm so, so glad that I've done it! And I am positive that I will keep this project in my back pocket to whip out again if I start focusing on doom and gloom everything that annoys the crap out of me politics the state of the world the wrong things. :)

I am thankful (for):
  1. The safe delivery of Inez!
  2. Learning to think outside of my way, way too small and constrictive box.
  3. Full-face motorcycle helmets.
  4. Enlightening and validating conversations.
  5. Acceptance and patience.
  6. Perspective.
  7. A great one-liner full of dignity and grace that also puts someone in his/her place (although I never think of them, Cynthia's dad sure can!!).
  8. Adverbs and the people who know how to use them perfectly. :)
  9. Where you've been not dictating where you can go.
  10. Greg's gorgeous repair of my China hutch cabinet!!
  11. Jason's support (especially about a specific subject lately).
  12. Online stores with free shipping. :)
  13. Jason and I both having vehicles that are safe and reliable (and paid off).
  14. Our house and my studio in the basement (which is still coming together but will rock!).
  15. People who share their passion and knowledge with others.
  16. All of our travels and everything we've gained and learned from them.
  17. Pumpkin spice bisque (oh my heavens!).
  18. CHANGE.
  19. All the Veterans who have served our country; remember to thank a Veteran on Tuesday!
  20. Every day I have to learn and grow and love and create and live and laugh and enjoy and try to become the person I truly want to be.


Jilliene Designs said...

Inez is precious. What a miracle baby's are! You list is fabulous. I love the adverb one. I started worrying though - "do I use my adverb liberally or appropriately (get it?)?

I made my album this weekend - I just stared fooling around and next thing I knew I had a more detailed album than I had originally planned. It had been ages since I used my paper trimmer. I'll be posting some pictures after I drop the kids off at school.

Aimee said...

hey-that baby is an instant smile maker. i feel warm and fuzzy just looking at her.

love your lists. they make me so happy.

and f.y.i. i never get your comments on my blog in my email like i do everyone else's. isn't that strange?

jen said...

i am grateful for you.

morningDove said...

she is so sweet. glad to hear it was a safe delivery. I have enjoyed beginning the 20 days of gratitude on my blog. thank you so much.

Aimee said...

hey- where are you? i am missing my cameron fix