Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad! & Gratitude Day 3

Today is my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Here is my Dad back in May with my oldest niece, Emma. On a carousel, obviously. :) I've heard you have a big day planned, Dad, so I hope you have a great one!

I'm not feeling at all well today, which is kind of a surprise because I thought I'd feel a lot better after the results of the election yesterday! So I'll just get into my list. :)

I am thankful (for):
  1. Being able to stay in pajamas on the couch when I'm not feeling well.
  2. Story People.
  3. Good Earth teas.
  4. That the election results were announced last night and we didn't have to wait weeks and weeks.
  5. Inspiring speeches!
  6. All the people who are encouraging the American people to come together again and put the divisiveness behind us.
  7. Colorful, comfy fleece pajama pants.
  8. Boxes of old photos organized so that I can mostly locate what I want when I want to (like yesterday's Jason and John photos), and my scanner.
  9. Learning to let go of certain things a lot more easily than I could in the past.
  10. That my microwave has returned to its normal function and has stopped turning on as soon as you open the door!
  11. My car being parked in the garage again.
  12. Jason tucking me in and kissing me every day before he leaves for work.
  13. Love Actually, it lifts me up and makes me laugh, I adore this movie!
  14. Fuzzy socks.
  15. Leftovers in the fridge so I don't have to cook. :)
  16. Having great ideas for my upcoming Christmas Advent and Chanukah swaps (yes, I'm doing both!) and most of the supplies to make them all.
  17. Heating pads.
  18. Caller ID. :)
  19. Being married to my best friend.
  20. People who leave nice comments on my blog. :)
I got my camera back from Kerry's house yesterday so hopefully tomorrow I'll post some photos from our wine tasting along with my next 20 things! :)


Josh Main's mom said...

I love Love Actually too :)
I reccomend you watch Music and Lyrics, Stranger than Fiction, Bridget Jones 1 and 2, and About a Boy :D
All good goofy romantic comedies.
Hope you feel better soon Adam is going to school tomorrow whether he likes it or not LOL he woke up without a fever today WOOHOO.

zanne said...

I love this idea Cameron and enjoyed reading the things you are greatful for!

Aimee said...

like your lists...

i love 13 going on 30--- it is such a chic flick but in it- everything is OKAy.

anyhoo-- i love your blog.

good night

and one time, please let me know how much the counter freaks you out because it really freaks me out- who the heck is reading my blog?

Katie said...

I love reading what you are thankful for.

I am thankful for you and you'd end up pretty high up on my list! I guess I need to put one together.

hope you are feeling better. xo

Jilliene Designs said...

Thank you so much for sending out the email to Inspired. I am so happy it is catching on! I recently heard an interesting "fact". That NASA sees these bright lights shoot from the planet, that when investigated do not come from anything mechanical or electric. Upon further investigation they learned that large gatherings of people occurred at the location at the time the spark was released. I'd like to believe that the collective experience of joy, love, or inspiration created that spark. Maybe we could make a little twinkle too.