Friday, November 7, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #22 & Gratitude Day 5

Happy Birthday to my aunt Susan! Jason and I lived with her (and my uncle Bob) for two+ months when we moved back to the States and I just can't tell you how much I treasure her (for that and two hundred thirteen other things she's done for me over the years). I hope you have a wonderful day, my favorite aunt! :)

I'm still so in love with the shirts I got from courierfontwear. And if I'd known what a deal I was getting on them (vs. their regular price) I would have bought every design the store had... so it's probably good that I didn't and have "just" four of them! :) When I was getting dressed on Tuesday to head to the polls I almost just threw something on but then caught myself and thought, "Waaaaaait, a second... I have just the thing..."

I topped it off with the necklace Kellie made me. I love the necklace and it seemed perfect because 1) she's a huge Obama supporter (click here to check out photos of her and Carrie making Obama cookies to "trade" for campaign donations at the Obama rally in Seattle!); 2) the necklace is kind of two "O"s; 3) I am a big fan of symbolism and to me these rings symbolise inclusiveness and being centered (which is just the miracle we need, if you ask me).

I'm so happy that I remembered to have Jason take a photo before I changed into pajamas. :) I'm sure some people will wonder why I didn't bother to include, you know, my face, :) but that wasn't the point... I wanted to remember the feeling and any expression on my face might not capture what I wanted to remember. It was an easy choice for this week's Favorite {Photo} Friday! [And it's sooooo getting scrapbooked!]

I am thankful (for):
  1. The ladies I delivered necklaces to yesterday loving them (one even got a little choked up, oh, love that!)!
  2. Potential new customers who saw the necklaces and want to order them as Christmas gifts!
  3. Catching myself when I very nearly fell down the stairs because my stupid high heel caught on the carpet (and oh it would have been a disastrous fall I know!).
  4. Having a renewed appreciation of what my legs do for me every day since I didn't break anything falling down the stairs because I caught myself!.
  5. John being so compassionate and helpful (and appreciative of my cooking!) and making it so easy to have him in the house.
  6. A new "-er" philosophy that I'm developing and will be probably sharing more about here next week.
  7. Heather's fabulous sense of humor that makes me literally laugh out loud on a regular basis. :)
  8. Third Watch on A&E. I watch it every morning with my cappuccino and I wonder why I never watched it when it was on "normally." It has such great storytelling and character development, and I especially love that I only have to wait one day for the next episode instead of an entire week, ha ha!
  9. Being part of the inspiration for Heather C to start blogging and join our Gratitude Project, and what may come from that.
  10. Jason possibly finding a buyer for his truck (fingers crossed!).
  11. My Grandma Lois sending me a receiving blanket from when my dad was born. How cool!
  12. The inspiration I've received from Donna, whose motto is "You're perfect just the way you create." She has taught me to just friggin' do it and forget about perfectionism. I'm almost there. :) Join her Campaign for Creativity!
  13. Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx.
  14. Sara Groves' song Roll to the Middle and talking with John and Jason about it last night.
  15. Not having any reason to have to roll to the middle lately. :)
  16. Grommets, oh my stinkin' heck how FUN.
  17. Knowing how to make homemade pasta.
  18. Comfortable, supportive, properly-fitting bras. Sorry if that's TMI but really, can't a bad bra just ruin your day?
  19. Tampons. Again, sorry for TMI but I was organizing the bathroom yesterday and when I saw the box I just thought, thank goodness tampons exist. I mean, really. See what this gratitude project is doing to me? :P
  20. Ingrid may be giving birth soon, hooray! I love her blog post about "PregoLog '08" and I hope to hear about Inez's arrival soon!
Happy Friday and I'll see you tomorrow for my next 20 things! :)


Josh Main's mom said...

Hey I made the list! WOOT :D
Something tells me your going to enjoy numbers 12 and 13 of my list today LOL.
Tampons really? I think toilet paper is right up there on things I am glad exist :D
Not that I have bodily functions or anything because I am a lady ;) hahaha.

Ingrid said...

Hey, I made the list!
And your post and pretty vineyard pictures yesterday made my dream last night. Sort of funny!

Katie said...

I love all your gratitude. And I give you a hallelujah and amen to both tampons and good bras! Too much info my rear -- I'm thinking MOSTLY women read your posts and they don't care. You might get some awful spam out of it though...

You must have been talking to Oliver's teacher because we have a gratitude project to do for homework this weekend. Homework in kindergarten and over the weekend. yes. Anyway, I shall have fun telling why I'm thankful for my child! xo