Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Things are nuts around here, and I mean kookoo for cocoa puffs! I met Jason at an appointment tonight and on the way home I was following him down a twisty back road when suddenly--on a straight stretch, no less--the truck he was following veered off the road and slammed into a tree. Of course we slammed on the brakes, threw on the hazard lights, and were out on the road (cell phones in hand) almost immediately. I was so happy when the guy climbed out of his truck and was okay! But there was the small matter of half a friggin' tree in the road. I totally felt my Oregon roots because I immediately asked Jason, "You have a saw in the back of the truck?" As it turned out he didn't, but what we did have was a truckload of awesome Latino guys who baled out of their rigs and helped Jason and the driver, Joe, get the tree out of the way and then get the truck out of the ditch. Then Jason helped Joe torque his bumper back out of the way of his right front tire and we were on our way. Crazy, man. Today I am grateful for: people who stop to help strangers, for truckloads of workers in the right places at the right times, and that Jason and I haven't slammed into any trees. Oh my stinkin' heck.

After all that excitement I called out for pizza, 'cause really, I should have to cook after that? :P (Okay, I was planning to call for pizza anyway.) :) When I went to pick up the pizza and had to wait a few minutes, two of the people eating dinner started spontaneously telling me about their divorce stories. I am not even making this up. One lady said that she found out her husband was cheating on her when she fell asleep early one night and woke up to her husband doing it with her sister. In the bed she was sleeping in. What the bleep? Number one, that is just too ridiculous to believe, which means it's probably true. Number two, Lady, I don't even know you, I'm just here to get my pizza. For Pete's sake! I told you it's kookoo for cocoa puffs around here! Today I'm grateful for: a life that does not in any way resemble an episode of Jerry Springer.

I'm still working on my photos and wording for etsy... it's all that's on the books for tomorrow and Friday (besides making eight custom necklaces that the ladies at my salon ordered, woop-woop!), so I should get a fair amount listed. For now, here's a little cutie that I love:

I photo'd it in my hand to show the scale. Note to self: apply hand-lotion before you take any more shots like this, Dude. Seriously. Anyway, it's a cute little sterling silver heart that I stamped with the word "LOVE" and then hand-oxidized and polished to show the details. The wire-wrapped drop is Swarovski crystal and the necklace is 18" sterling silver. It's $22 and I have exactly one on hand until I get my next supply order in. So if you want it post a comment claiming it and we'll arrange payment, otherwise I'll list it on etsy tomorrow or Friday!


Stella said...

HOLY MOLY is right!
also? That necklace is just so sweet. LOVE IT!

Ingrid said...

Two weeks ago, the postal worker, from behind the little glass window, told me that she would like me to have my baby the next day as that was the anniversary of her husband killing himself in the apple orchard and it would be really great for something nice to happen on that day. Wow. I couldn't just buy stamps and leave. I had to stand there another 20 minutes to listen to this poor lady who I didn't know. Life is really weird.

jen said...

dude. tree slammin?

dude. sister lovin?

dude. necklace wearin? that is sa-weet!

you. must. list. circle name necklace so brett can buy me one for christmas! GO... do it.... NOW! (:

Katie said...

Sometimes you need days like those to put your own life into perspective. I'm glad my own life has never been aired to a chanting crowd!

I love your necklace and cannot wait to see what your etsy shop update is....gotta get some for Christmas presents! WHOOP! I'm buying for the neices! I would love to purchase your love necklace if I could get some match-y earrings? Are you putting sets up? If not, can I bribe you for some?!?! Good luck with all the wording, pictures, updates! Can't wait to go play in your shop! xo

Chiara said...

wonderful stuff. and people are strange.

Aimee said...

hey- i definitely want to buy from you --- i am checking your stsy shop--- is this a link?

also, man alive girl- you are having some stories-- some true blog fodder- gotta love it.

and i copy want jen says- must have cirlce necklace- could you customize the word on it?