Friday, November 21, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #23

It's Friday! Wait, where did the week go?

I took this picture with the brand-new DSLR camera body that Jason gave me for our anniversary in March of 2006. I've always loved driving past orchards. They are so neat and straight and when you're driving past you can look in so many different directions and see straight lines leading away from you like so many paths you could follow. Jason and I were spending the weekend up the the far northeastern corner of Italy and over into Slovenia and I made him pull over so I could take a picture. Lately the trees in the back of our house have been so beautiful to me (especially when I am sitting in a hot bubble bath looking out the window!) so I just had to choose a tree photo today.

I've been working on photographing all of my latest jewelry creations, editing photos, writing descriptions, and getting them up on my etsy. And let me tell you, all that is not nearly as fun as making stuff. So I'm getting increasingly less picky about my photos and descriptions the more of them I do, 'cause I just want to get back to creating! :)

I got a lovely phone call from the lovely and practically phone-phobic Katie last night, and that just made my week. With me practically falling asleep and her coughing up a lung we were quite a pair but it didn't even matter because it was just great to talk to her. Thanks for calling, Katie!

A few more of my friends have signed up for Inspired which just rocks my world! There are only 3 spots left so come on already, Jen. :)

I am really panicking because I don't have a single good photo of Jason and I from this entire freaking year to use for a Christmas card. I mean, seriously. In the whole year. That is pathetic. So that's moving to the top of the To Do list, but you know how well that usually works out... the pressure-is-on-to-get-a-super-great-shot, forced-smile-I'm-sick-of-pictures-already photo shoot? Sweet. :P

Tomorrow I'm driving up to see Claudine demo her new line of products from one of my favorite companies, Ranger. Fun! Then I might try to drag Kerry to Barrel Oak Winery to try their just-bottled-today Chocolate Lab (they're big on dogs and this wine is actually fermented with cocoa nibs, hence the name). Wine with chocolate in it? Uh, that's a no-brainer. Yes, please!

Have a great weekend!


Chiara said...

so jealous you can drive to see Claudine. I wish I didn't live in SB wasteland.

jen said...

you should sell copies of this picture on etsy. seriously, this would be fabulous hanging over a mantel. so peaceful yet mysterious.

yay! etsy! shhh... i'm not supposed to know....

i am freaking out about inspired. ugh.

if we lived closer, i'd love to take pictures of you and jason. you guys have so much personality and it would be so much fun to capture it!!

have fun seeing claudine.

Katie said...

I laughed at the "Practically phone phobic" Katie bit -- totally true and should not have been crossed out. I am always utterly happy to call you, though.

I read Jen's comment about selling your picture on Etsy -- yes, why don't you sell copies of your pictures? I can think of a couple that are worth it to sell!

I'm sad about you and Jason not having a picture together. I wish I had taken a better one when we were together. Boo. Enjoy your timer function on your camera. You and Jason will have such a fun time running around it's bound to be a great pic. Go for crazy. That's how it should be.

Love you so much! Good luck with your Etsy sales! Let me know how I can help! (Though I'm already posting links 'cause I want you to do well!) xo xo xo

Paulette said...

Quite the talented Life artist you are Cameron!!! I am loving the look of Claudine's new line & it will probably 2010 before we get it here...maybe they'll have some at Inspired!!!! Have you ever been to the Bead Store in Freeport,ME? It is delicious! happy day & good luck with etsy!!!