Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wine Tasting & Gratitude Day 4

This past Sunday we went on a wine tasting tour organized by the very lovely Kerry. After pulling ourselves out of bed the morning after the costume party, remembering halfway there that we were supposed to bring lunch and stopping by the grocery store, and being fortified by a Pumpkin Spice latte (me) and double shot (Jason), we made it to Kerry and Mike's. From there we headed to the first winery!

Left to right: Jason, Dabney and Kris (thanks for the photo!), Emma, Kerry, Mike, me, Stephen, and Julia.

Then we settled around the chimenea outside to enjoy one of our favorites from the tasting....

...and enjoy the gorgeous scenery...

...and even a cool car that drove by!

We stopped at two other wineries, one of which was situated on rolling hills reminiscent of Tuscany. [I saw these two sitting at this table and thought how cool it would be to have a photo of oneself here, so I gave the couple my card and they e-mailed me so I'll be sending this to them next. Fun!]

It was a gorgeous day and the fall colors were beautiful! These trees provided the perfect backdrop to our picnic lunch location.

It was a really great day spent in a beautiful location with great people, and big thanks to Kerry for organizing it all!

I am thankful (for):
  1. Nine straight hours of sleep!
  2. Feeling a lot better today.
  3. Our DVR that allows me to fit TV into my schedule rather than the other way around. :)
  4. Sweet Jason taking care of me when I'm not feeling well.
  5. The mac and cheese I keep in my pantry "just in case" which came in handy when I didn't feel like eating anything else last night.
  6. Swaps and projects with my artist friends coming up and forcing me to think creatively in new ways.
  7. 30% off coupons arriving in my inbox for things I have to buy anyway!
  8. A friend asking me to do her a favor that she could have asked of anyone (but I'm so glad she asked me). :)
  9. Samurai Sudoku, oh my goodness I love completing these!
  10. The joy I receive from doing nice things that people don't expect.
  11. Piles of unread books just waiting for me!
  12. Photo editing software. :)
  13. Finally finding a color I want to paint our living room. :)
  14. My camera tripod.
  15. Natural light.
  16. Jason knowing me completely and not only loving me "anyway" but loving me more for it. Ah. Maze. Ing. HUGE. The greatest gift ever.
  17. Having a small grasp of html coding. :)
  18. Friends who organize trips and invite me. :)
  19. Comfortable shoes.
  20. Remembering to have Jason take a photo after I voted on Tuesday, which you'll see tomorrow!
Have a super Thursday and I'll see you tomorrow for Favorite {Photo} Friday and my next 20 things!


ingrid said...

May I have your life for this day?
That wine tasting looks sooooo wonderful. Sauvingon please!

Katie said...

I'm loving all your gratitude. I especially love the bits about Jason being good to you - you deserve goodness. And I'm so impressed that you have ANY grasp on html coding. One more thing to love about you! xo