Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Weekend Update

So I'm a little bit late for a weekend update, but here's what we were up to this past weekend.

On Saturday we joined friends BJElizabeth, and Elizabeth's parents Stephen & Elaine for a big ol' crawfish boil. My friend Andrea went to Tulane with Elizabeth and BJ. Last year she invited us to come to the annual Tulane & LSU alumni crawfish boil with them, and this year Elizabeth invited us back even though Andrea couldn't come! :) I remembered from last year that some people had brought trays to make it easier to carry the dishes, so I brought one this year. We were heroes since my tray enabled Jason to carry back plates for all six of us! :)  Even if it did bow under the weight! :)

As soon as we got back from the crawfish boil we joined our neighbors in the driveway across the street. Man I love my neighbors! We transitioned from tank tops and shorts in the daytime all the way into nighttime when these lovelies became necessary:

On Sunday I headed up to Silver Spring, Maryland (about an hour away, also known as the other side of the world when you live in Northern Virginia--"You're driving all the way to Maryland?") to check out Handmade Mart. I mainly wanted to get some ideas for booth setup and display ideas in case I get accepted into their fall show. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and I picked up a few cute things as well as some great ideas. I loved all the kids of different sizes, shapes, ages, and races playing together in the fountain.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend!

It's been a busy week already so check back tomorrow for more photos and updates, (including a South Beach diet update and my fabric for the quilt-along!).

p.s. Due to peer pressure from another blogger I added that little "Add This" bar to the bottom of all my posts, and my HTML code has been a pain in my rear ever since. Aren't my fonts different than they used to be, or is it just me? I'm thinking of removing that little bar and hoping things go back to normal. I'd appreciate input!


Chiara said...

ooh a crawfish boil sounds like fun though my DH wouldn't like it.

cynthia said...

What a fun weekend girl:) Oh I am so hungary after this post:) Glad you and Jason had a good weekend:) PS those socks are fabulous.need a pair:)

and the add this button. what is it for? I should probably know:)

jen said...

i love the picture of jason! makes me want to have a good boil!

how much fun was the *handmade mart*? i missed the *indie craft experience* last sunday. :(

sweet socks!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Cameron,

Its Barb (aka lalalime or Mrs. Miles) from the Paperee site, coming to say hello and check out your blog. glad I did, seeing the cute toe socks with flip flops would be soooo something I would do! The kids pool looks so refreshing, its hot here!

Oh, I would have LOVED to see a pic of your crawfish, my husband and I tried them for the first time in our lives a few summers agon while camping!

☻ Barb