Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday--Oh, Deer!

We've had a couple visitors around here! On Wednesday I went out to get the mail and I surprised this little dude in my side yard. Then he went to the back and started snacking, where I took this photo:

Then yesterday his mama (or someone's mama, anyway) stopped by, too.  [Note to self: always put your camera back on Auto mode when you're done, so when you spot a deer in the yard your photos don't come out all wonky when you just start shooting away without checking the settings!]

I know some people consider them a nuisance but I really like seeing them. Until I plant a garden, anyway. :)

Lots going on around here and lots more is floating around in my head.  I like bulleted lists, so let's go with that.
  • My aunt Susan moved back to Oregon last Sunday and I've almost pulled myself out of the depression it left me in.  (Almost.)  I miss her!!!  I can't think about it too much or I'll start crying again.
  • One loneliness leads to another, I guess, because I've been feeling lonely for all my friends who are scattered across the country (and the world), too.  I need to start booking plane tickets to go visit some people!!
  • I just feel OVERWHELMED by my To Do list, most of which has been on the list for far too long at this point.
  • I'm feeling guilt for leaving some of my friends' stuff on the To Do list... if they were normal etsy customers I'd've had their stuff done a long time ago, so why do I think it's okay to slack when it's my friends' orders?  Guilt guilt guilt.  Sorry, friends, and it's coming!
  • I've recently received a whole slew of custom jewelry orders, yippee!  I'm going to finish my friends' stuff pronto so I can get on my other orders.
  • My house is such a mess and I really want to get everything in order and finished the way I want.  Yet another thing that's overwhelming!  We put together six HUGE boxes of stuff to donate to the Salvation Army, which is a good start.  (Now I just need to drop it off to them so I can have my garage back to park my car inside!)
  • I'm taking Cathy Zielske's MicroBlogging class (yes, it's a scrapbooking class based on Twitter and Facebook Status Updates!).  I just went out and bought Photoshop Elements from Costco so hopefully next week (after I finish my jewelry orders!) I can make my pages.
  • I'm also taking a couple classes from SISTv, which I won, wow!  Claudine's class rocks, as usual, but the other two are just so-so and make me glad I didn't pay for them.
  • Taking a couple online classes is making me really friggin' happy that I did not have to take any college courses online.  I get antsy watching the videos and need to do jumping jacks or something! We have two monitors on our computer and I find myself doing something on the other monitor while the video is showing, then I have to "rewind" it to see what I missed.
  • I joined this cool quilt-along with some of my Inspired friends.  I KNOW, I'm already stressed about my To Do list, let's add making a friggin' QUILT to the mix, right?  But I think that it will be fun, and so many of my fab friends are making it, too, that it kind of feels like we're hanging out together and bonding.  Or something.  And I found some fabric that I ADORE... it's on the way to me right now, I can't wait to get it and cut it up to catch up with the rest of the gals... and then show you!
  • I'm starting the South Beach diet on Sunday.  I wanted to start it right after Inspired but then, you know, life happened.  So Sunday it is!  I think that my most vicious cravings from starting South Beach will coincide nicely with my PMS cravings schedule, so it should be interesting.  But I'm not putting it off another week, dammit.
  • In the interest of supporting me, Jason offered to stop drinking beer (and switch to wine) until I'm off of Phase One (two weeks after I start on Sunday).  That lasted exactly 21 hours, until John found out he's being promoted to Major in the Marine Corps Reserves (which, I agree, calls for a toast... but still). 
  • John's schedule is changing next week as he takes on a few graduate classes.  He'll be staying with us every night but won't be getting "home" until about 9:30 at night.  I need to remember to adjust my grocery buying since I'm used to him eating with us three nights a week!!
  • Tomorrow we're going to a Crawfish Boil with my friends Elizabeth, her parents, and our friend BJ.  We went last year and I'm hoping for better weather but just as much fun tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!


Chiara said...

I just found that quilt along last night and am thinking of ordering fabric today.

cynthia said...

Cameron I love the deer picture!!!!! So, sweet with her eyes peaking over the wild flowers. Seriously I need this picture!!!!!! So, calming of a picture. And the others day I took a side road outside of the city after going to Target. And saw about seven or eight of these beautiful creatures:) roaming through the fields and thought how peaceful they are:) Thanks for sharing. I would love a copy.

Your to-do list:) Oh us girls are so hard on ourselves:) And I would love for you to make this way:) for a visit. A little long weekend in Minneapolis:) MOA too:) (mall of america). Let me know if you are up to it anytime you are welcome :)
Have a wonderful weekend. And soon you have little package coming to your door:)

Wisconsin Girl said...

I have Adobe Photoshop from Costco sitting here on the desk next to me! It was on sale a couple months ago, so I requested it as a Bday present from my parents. Now I just need to find the time to explore it. You seem to know a lot more about photography than I do (I really want to take a's next on the class list:), so you'll probably have better luck at tackling it. But I've heard good things about the program, so I'm excited! Good luck with South Beach. Love the picture you choose as one to keep motivated with. I need to do that. I'm the heaviest I remember being and am not happy with myself. Low energy, tired all the time, etc. Today is my second day of not pigging out on food so much during the day and cutting out custard (very rich form of ice cream popular here in the midwest) from my diet. May the force be with us!