Friday, June 5, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday #51--Krax Kills

Given my current obsession with food this week (since I can't eat most of it!), is it at all surprising that I choose a food-based Favorite {Photo} for this Friday?

When Jason and I had about a year left in Italy we started traveling our asses off. We traveled quite a bit anyway, but once the end of our time in Europe was in sight we really ramped it up. In June of 2007 we headed up to both Poland and Romania, both truly amazing countries! When we landed in Romania we headed out to our destination and stopped at a gas station. Of course I always have to check out the local snacks, just to see what they have (convenience store snacks are always enlightening!). And I really try not to be the obnoxious foreigner, laughing at and taking photos of local things (imagine if a European was laughing and taking photos in a 7-11!). But when you stumble upon something like this, it's just impossible to resist snapping a quick photo!

And to answer your question, no, we did not buy them or try them. Quite honestly, the main reason was that we hadn't converted any money yet and I didn't want to ask our host to buy them for me. And I still regret that. I mean, who doesn't want to try bacon-flavored (and colored and shaped!) Romanian Krax?

Next week will mark one full year of doing Favorite {Photo} Friday!! Woo hoo! I missed my "blogiversary" and my "twitterversary," marking one year since I started blogging and tweeting, so I definitely won't miss this one! I have a giveaway planned, so make sure to come back next Friday (if not before :)) to get in on it!!

Up for the weekend: working around the house; working on custom jewelry orders; attending a couple of barbecues and trying not to be pissy about all the food that will be there that I can't eat; catching up on some classwork; ironing and cutting up my fabric for the quilt-along, sewing some strips together, and making some squares, which also means some serious craft-room reorganization; counting down the days until I can have a piece of fruit and a glass of red wine and some brown rice. And who knows what else? It's the weekend, anything goes! Have a great one!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME. i should have some krax shipped here for brett. :)

Wisconsin Girl said...

Wasn't that such a fun part of traveling into a different country? Looking at all the snacks...we would do the same thing. Run into the grocery stores to see what we could find. I had an awesome soda collection going, until we moved from Vegas to Wisconsin in November and my soda collection got stuck in a trailer all winter, waiting to be unpacked. That was a bummer.
Anyway, sounds like you'll be getting a lot done this weekend, checking many things off your "to do" list. That's great! Have fun!