Friday, June 26, 2009


Remember last week when I said, "Woooooohoo Doggie" for the week I'd just had? If This Week Cameron could meet Last Week Cameron on the street, This Week Cameron would kick her ass for not knowing what she was talking about. This week was so much crazier than last week, which I thought was crazy, but I was just a dork, apparently. Nothing new there. :)

So much to say but it's late and I'm tired... but I have a one-year-and-two-week tradition of Favorite {Photo} Fridays so here we go. I want to catch up on the other stuff but that will have to come later.

I am still working on the whole South Beach thing so we're sticking with the diet theme and a veggies picture. [I also took some photos of Jason's wounds but didn't think that would sit too well.]

I took this photo in Germany when we were there for Oktoberfest in 2006. I love that the entire left side is all different varieties of tomatoes!

SO MUCH TO SAY. I really want to write a huge giant catch-up post. Hopefully I will on Sunday. Have a great weekend, everyone! :)


cynthia said...

What is going on with Jason? I do hope he is all right?

Sooz said...

hey! just saw you WON on BRENE BROWN'S BLOG!! GO YOU!! WOOT WOOT! xoxox (hugs to Jason--hope he is ok?)


Aimee said...

alright, is south beach going? how are you? hope things are GREAT.

Ava's Mom said...

Pictures of fresh veggie stands make me jealous. Texas has not really caught onto this yet... boo! We are working our way towards it, but none close to us. Love the colors.