Friday, June 19, 2009

Woooooohoo Doggie!

What a week! Let me repeat: what a week! I want to tell you all about it--I really, really do--but right now I'm bouncing around (quite literally jumping and dancing around my living room!!) and can't bear to be sitting still at the computer. So I'm going to knock out a couple of quick things and then get back to it!! :)

First! My one-year-plus-one-week Favorite {Photo} Friday:

I took this in Cinque Terre, Italy, too (where I also took last week's Blue Woman on a different trip). I chose it today because I am so darned happy tonight that what else could I choose except daisies? [No, I'm not pregnant, which I add because when I posted a Tweet about getting good news, several people e-mailed me to ask.] :)

Second! The winners from last week's drawing were SUPER fun to pick out. First, because I got so many entries that I got to pick THREE winners!!! Second, because I got to use my super-geeky Excel spread sheet! Third, because I got to finally use (I told you I'm a numbers geek!)! And lastly-but-not-leastly, because I get to give stuff away, hooray!! The three winners are:


Hooray! I'll be e-mailing you all tomorrow afternoon to double-check the photo you want and your addresses. If you read this in the meantime, you can just e-mail me to let me know. :)

Have a super weekend, y'all!!! :)

[And now we go back to our regularly scheduled program of Cameron bouncing around the living room and dancing along to commercials with a crazy happy grin on her face.]


jen said...

i have loved EVERY single one of your favorite photo friday picks!

i have been a very bad blog reader. with maddie being out of school we compete for computer time and she wins.

i'm super stoked you have goooood news.


Aimee said...

LOVE, LOVE LOVE that you are HAPPY!!!


Anonymous said...

what's sparking your happy mood? is it something juicy or just a shift of perspective/good vibes from the universe? pray tell...

Paulette said...

your photos are always such a treat on are killing me with waiting......Happy day whatever puts a smile on your face :o)

Heather said...

ok I am officially stalking your blog to see if you have posted the good news yet.
So glad to hear you are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY