Monday, October 13, 2008

My Guys

Daniele arrived on Wednesday and we've been go-go-going ever since. I'll write more about that and post more photos later this week, but for now, here are my two favorite boys.

They're standing next to the Washington Monument (hence the flags). Jason's wearing the official Italia shirt for the Olympics this year; one of many presents Dani so generously brought us! I was so excited to see Dani but seeing these two together again (when we drove home from Philly) was really the best surprise and a true joy. [I love seeing boys excited and emotional but pretending to be tough.] :)

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!! :)


Katie said...

I love the post and picture, but Oliver will be DEVASTATED. You mean he's not your favorite boy?!?! heh.

I cannot help but be excited for you -- I know how much you enjoy Dani's company and with him an entire ocean away visits are few and far between. Hello to Dani! Hope the rest of the visit is amazing! xo

Cameron said...

Of course Oliver is my favorite BOY!!! :) These are my two favorite *guys* (over age 18). :) Kisses and hugs to Oliver and to YOU Katie! :)

Oliver said...

Dear Cameron,
I am happy I am your favorite boy. Can we race to the trees again? Your friend, Oliver


Jess said...

Great picture! Glad you had such a nice visit...too bad it couldn't be longer, but glad you were able to spend this time together.